About Us

Suffolk Public Schools
Every Child a Star … Together We Help Them Shine!

As Suffolk’s public school system, we are playing a very important part in the growth of our city … because the future is in our children. Preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s challenges is what Suffolk Public Schools is all about. We’re thinking ahead … Building our tomorrow today by teaching approximately 14,400 students the skills they need to meet the challenges of a changing world and a growing city. It is this commitment to the future that makes our schools successful.

The school division enjoys overall student-teacher ratios of approximately 25-to-1. The division budgeted $10,181 for each student in 2010-2011. All schools are fully accredited in 2011-12 by the Virginia Department of Education, based on student performance on Standards of Learning assessments. Suffolk Public Schools have also gone a step further to earn voluntary accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. District accreditation measures the capacity of a school division to meet national standards; to demonstrate a continuous process of improvement; and to provide for quality assurance. Suffolk Public Schools is one of 13 school divisions among the 134 districts in Virginia to choose the district-wide process to replace accreditation on an individual school basis.