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New Graduation Requirement for 9th-Graders Starting in September 2013 

Community Service

The community service requirement is designed to promote civic responsibility through active participation in service experiences, to enhance the students’ ability and desire to impact the community, to foster a sense of caring for others, and to develop a habit of volunteer service to those in need as a part of the College and Career Readiness initiative.  Students must earn 50 hours of community service before graduation.
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Link here for Community Service Handbook – June 2016

Click here for a list of current Volunteer Opportunities for 2016-17  … updated 3/14/17

The information contained herein is distributed by Suffolk Public Schools as a public service. The community service opportunities listed here from organizations outside of Suffolk Public Schools are not sponsored, endorsed, or in any way connected to Suffolk Public Schools or the Suffolk City School Board.

If you are a community organization with Volunteer Opportunities available to high school students, click here to share your information.