Instruction / Curriculum

Instructional Services includes the following areas:

Teaching and learning are the primary focuses of Suffolk Public Schools.  The department of Curriculum and Instruction provides leadership for classroom teachers and school administrators as they work together to improve student achievement.  This leadership seeks to ensure that all students meet or exceed academic standards from pre-kindergarten through high school.  This department aligns its work with the vision, mission, and goals of Suffolk Public Schools.


The vision of Suffolk Public Schools is that all students will become life-long learners equipped with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to succeed as productive citizens in a local, national and global society.



The mission of Suffolk Public Schools

  • To partner with the community
  • To provide an effective educational experience
  • To prepare every student to find success in our complex society

School Board Goals:

  1. Improve student achievement and close the academic achievement gaps
  2. Provide a safe and nurturing environment
  3. Provide strong leadership for effective and efficient operations
  4. Advance academic achievement, through enhanced instructional delivery, gained by professional development
  5. Strengthen collaboration with stakeholders, and increase parent and community satisfaction