Awarded Procurement

Document Topic Close Date Contact Award
RFQ 1652-QCopier Paper for the Maintenance Department11/16/2017vanessagalloway@spsk12.net1652-Q
RFQ 1651-QCopier Paper for the Print Shop11/7/2017vanessagalloway@spsk12.net1651-Q
1632-P Fiber Installation and Maintenance1632-P Fiber Installation and Maintenance05/16/2017anthonyhinds@spsk12.netMultiple awards
A/E for a pre-engineered metal building located at the Mt. Zion Elementary SchoolA/E for a pre-engineered metal building located at the Mt. Zion Elementary School07/25/2017anthonyhinds@spsk12.net1646-P Award letter
RFQ 1648-QReplacement Workbooks08/02/2017lindabates@spsk12.netRFQ 1648-Q Spreadsheet Summary
RFQ 1645-Q AwardSmall Wares For Food Services07/18/2017lindabates@spsk12.netRFQ 1645-Q Award Spreadsheet
1643-B Combined Bid - Turlington Woods and John F. KennedyNO AWARD
1642-B John F. Kennedy Middle Sanitary Sewer Project1642-B John F. Kennedy Middle Sanitary Sewer Project06/26/2017anthonyhinds@spsk12.net1642-B Bid Tab
1642-B Award letter
1641-B Turlington Woods Sanitary Sewer Project1641-B Turlington Woods Sanitary Sewer Project06/26/2017anthonyhinds@spsk12.net1641-B Bid Tab
1641-B Award letter
1631-P Website Redesign Services1631-P Website Redesign Servicesanthonyhinds@spsk12.net1631-P Award letter
IFB 1640-B Replacement Textbooks AwardReplacement Textbooks05/30/2017lindabates@spsk12.netIFB 1640-B Award Notice
IFB 1638-B Replacement Textbooks AwardReplacement Textbooks05/09/2017lindabates@spsk12.netIFB 1638-B Award Summary
1624-B Painting Services1624-B Painting Services01/17/2017anthonyhinds@spsk12.net1624-B Award letter
1624-B Evaluation
1603-P Bleacher Inspection, Maintenance, and Repairs Award1603-P Bleacher Inspection, Maintenance, and Repairs Award08/15/2016anthonyhinds@spsk12.netAward letter RFP 1603-P
1627-Q Milk Cooler and Ice Machine1627-Q Milk Cooler and Ice Machine12/06/2016anthonyhinds@spsk12.net1627-Q Award Evaluation
1622-B Roof Repair Services1622-B Roof Repair ServicesNovember 15, 2016anthonyhinds@spsk12.net1622-B Award letter
1622-B Evaluation
1611-I Laminator Maintenance Agreement1611-I Laminator Maintenance Agreement07/19/2016anthonyhinds@spsk12.net1611-I Award letter
1619-Q HVAC Refrigerant1619-Q HVAC Refrigerant08/22/2016anthonyhinds@spsk12.net1619-Q HVAC Evaluation Summary
IFB-1618-BReplacement Textbooks08/22/2016lindabates@spsk12.netIFB-1618-B Award
1615-B Food Serving Counters1615-B Food Serving Counters08/09/2016anthonyhinds@spsk12.net1615-B Award Letter
1615-B Award Evaluation
IRFP 1612-I Orientation and Mobility ServicesIRFP 1612-I Orientation and Mobility Services07/26/2016anthonyhinds@spsk12.net1612-I Orientation and Mobility Services Award
1614-Q Weight Room Equipment1614-Q Weight Room Equipment07/25/2016anthonyhinds@spsk12.net1614-Q Award Letter
1614-Q Evaluation
1606-B Refrigerated Truck for Food Service1606-B Refrigerated Truck for Food Service06/28/2016anthonyhinds@spsk12.net1606-B Award letter
1606-B Bid Analysis
1601-B Fire Suppression Systems Inspections, Testing, and Maintenance1601-B Fire Suppression Systems Inspections, Testing, and Maintenance05/31/2016anthonyhinds@spsk12.net1601-B Award letter
1601-B Bid Analysis
RFQ-1607-QSmall Wares for Food Services06/21/2016lindabates@spsk12.netRFQ-1607-Q Award Summary
Notice to Proceed1604-B Combined Bid - Elementary and Middle School Construction06/06/2016 at 4:00 PM anthonyhinds@spsk12.netBid Tabulation for 1604-B
1604-B Letter of Intent
1582-P Provide Medical Services for Suffolk Public Schools1582-P Provide Medical Services for Suffolk Public Schools04/05/2016anthonyhinds@spsk12.netAward letter - Get Real Healthcare LLC
RFQ-1598-Q Print Shop Paper, Envelopes, Transrite and Supplies05/17/2016vanessagalloway@spsk12.netRFQ-1598-Q Award
RFQ-1605-QCopier Paper for the Maintenance Department05/17/2016vanessagalloway@spsk12.netRFQ-1605-Q Award
1593-B Replacement Textbooks1593-B Replacement Textbooks04/26/2016anthonyhinds@spsk12.netVarious - See Summary sheet
1602-Q Piano Tuning and Repairs1602-Q Piano Tuning and Repairs05/03/2016anthonyhinds@spsk12.net1602-Q Award Letter- Becker's Piano Tuning
1602-Q Quote Evaluation
1600-B Engineered Wood Fiber Safety Surfacing1600-B Engineered Wood Fiber Safety Surfacing05/03/2016anthonyhinds@spsk12.net1600-B Award - Capitol Landing Home and Garden Center LLC
1600-B Bid Evaluation
1589-Q Cleaning of Kitchen Exhaust Hood Systems1589-Q Cleaning of Kitchen Exhaust Hood Systems05/03/2016anthonyhinds@spsk12.net1589-Q Evaluation of quotes
1589-Q Award Letter
1594-Q Moving Services for Suffolk Public Schools1594-Q Moving Services for Suffolk Public Schools04/26/2016anthonyhinds@spsk12.net1594-Q Analysis of Quotes
1594-Q Award Letter
1576-B Paper Towels, Toilet Tissue, and Hand Soap1576-B Paper Towels, Toilet Tissue, and Hand Soap04/05/2016anthonyhinds@spsk12.netRiverside Paper Supply Award Letter
Bid Evaluation 1576-B
1591-Q Transfer of Mobile Units1591-Q Transfer of Mobile Units03/29/2016anthonyhinds@spsk12.netAward of 1591-Q Transfer of Mobile Units
IFB 1577-B Carpet Tiles and VCTInvitation for Bids 1577-B Carpet Tiles and VCT04/05/2016anthonyhinds@spsk12.netIFB 1577-B Summary of bids
IFB1577-B Award letter
RFQ-1572-QGuided Reading Books2/17/2016lindabates@spsk12.netRFQ-1572-Q Guided Reading Books Award
RFQ-1573-QCopier Paper for the Print Shop and Maintenance Department02/16/2016vanessagalloway@spsk12.netRFQ-1573-Q Award
RFP-1531-P Addendum 1Cellular GPS System for School Buses04/23/
RFP-1531-P Cellular GPS System For School Buses04/23/2015susanredmon@spsk12.netRFP-1531-Award
RFQ-1556-QSmall Wares for Food Services09/02/2015lindabates@spsk12.netRFQ-1556 Summary
IFB-1554-BFresh Produce08/18/2015lindabates@spsk12.netIFB-1554-Summary
IFB-1552-BIce Cream Products08/18/2015susanredmon@spsk12.netIFB-1552-Summary
RFP-1543-P Addendum 1Architectural and Engineering Services for the Design of a New Elementary School and a New Middle School06/25/
RFP-1543-PArchitectural and Engineering Services for the Design of a New Elementary School and a New Middle School06/25/2015susanredmon@spsk12.netRFP-1543-Award
IFB-1542-BProvide Semi-annual Preventative Maintenance and Service for Automated Fuel System and Pumps05/28/2015susanredmon@spsk12.netIFB-1542-Summary
RFQ-1545-QPrint Shop Paper, Envelopes, Transrite, and Supplies06/09/2015vanessagalloway@spsk12.netRFQ-1545-Award