SOL Academy – Bus Routes Here

July 8, 2014

Suffolk Public Schools’ High School Standards of Learning (SOL) Academy will be held at Lakeland High School beginning July 14-24, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon (excluding Friday).  Students must be pre-registered.

Click here for SOL Academy bus routes.

Middle School Summer School–UPDATED Bus Routes

July 1, 2014

UPDATED on 7-1-14  … Click here for UPDATED Middle School Summer School BUS ROUTES.


The 2014 middle school summer program will be held at John F. Kennedy Middle School — Mondays through Thursdays — July 1 through July 29 from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Transportation and breakfast will be provided for this remediation program.

The 2014 Summer Session is available only to middle school students grades 6-8 from Suffolk Public Schools at no charge.

Click here for the Information Brochure.

Registration will be available at the student’s  home school through June 23, 2014.  After that, students may register at John F. Kennedy Middle School June 24 – June 26 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Students can take only one repeat core subjectEnglish, Algebra I, mathematics, social studies, or science.

Students failing no more than one core subject may attend summer session for promotion.  Promotion will be dependent on the student’s successful completion of the summer session course with a passing grade.

Students who have passed their core subjects with a final average of 60% or higher, but have not mastered their local or state assessment(s) in the subjects of English and/or mathematics, must participate in summer

Two Options:  Online or On-site

Click here for the Onsite Student Registration form … to attend the program at JFKMS.

Click here for the Online Summer Program Student Registration form.

Although remediation may take place by attending the middle school summer session at John F. Kennedy Middle School, it is an option for students to complete remediation via Odysseyan online program providing “virtual summer school” whenever and wherever the student can access the Internet.

Computer labs will be available.  A final written test for the online program is required upon completion of all online assignments.  E-mail will be the primary source of communication for the online program.

It is highly recommended that students with a mastery rate below 60% receive remediation by attending summer school.

Elementary Summer School Bus Routes

June 24, 2014

The Elementary School Remedial Summer School Program will be held at Elephant’s Fork Elementary School from July 1-29 (Monday – Thursday) from 9 a.m. to 1:15 p. m.

Transportation and breakfast will be provided for this remediation program.  Click here for a PDF of bus routes, or view the 15 routes below.

For more information, call the school at 923-5250.


Route 1
Ashley Ave & Linden Ave 7:50
Ashley Ave & Cannon St
925 Brook Ave
Brook Ave & Battery Ave
Battery Ave & Hull St
Wellons St & Battery Ave
Kilby Ave & Cannon St
Nevada & Reno
Forest Oak Ln & Truitt St
Kilby Ave & S Main St
S Main St & Cedar Ct
Cedar St & Johnson Ave
Van Buren St & Spruce St
Culloden St & Gloucester St
Laurel St & Columbus Ave
Laurel St & Lewis Ave
County St & Lewis Ave
Dill Rd & Charlotte Ave
Pleasant St & County St
Dill Rd & Hunter St
Dill Rd & Webb St
114 Nancy Dr
644 Carolina Rd
158 Greenfield Cres
168 Greenfield Cres
178 Greenfield Cres
355 Greenfield Cres
Elephant’s Fork Elementary 8:50
Route 2
Lawson Cir & Bently Dr 7:50
1343 Lawson Cir
1519 Lake Speight Dr
1511 Austin Dr
1501 Austin Dr
Brian’s Ln & Derrick’s Ln (both intersections)
Brian’s Ln & Rachel’s Dr (both intersections)
Canine Trl & Planters Dr
1276 Holland Rd
Northbrook Ave & Blair St
Winterview Dr & Summerfield Ct
853 Manning Rd
Pitchkettle Farm Ln & Gardenstone Cir
Murphy’s Mill Rd & Green
Pruden Blvd & Jordan Ave
Edward Ave & Lida Ave
Quality Time Day Care
Beechwood Ave & Palmyra Dr
Elephant’s Fork Elementary 8:50
Route 3
1293 Little Fork Rd 7:50
222 Mineral Spring Rd
216 Mineral Spring Rd
5809 Mineral Spring Rd
5400 Mineral Spring Rd
Manning Rd & Shelito Ln
557 W Liberty Spring Rd
791 Manning Bridge Rd
771 Manning Bridge Rd
Elephant’s Fork Elementary 8:50
Route 4
809 2nd Ave 8:00
Bute St & 1st Ave
806 W Washington St
Military Rd & Maryland Ave
805 W Washington St
Virginia Ave & S Broad St
601 W Washington St (Appletree Daycare)
Linden Ave & Smith St
St James Ave & Smith St
Lee St & Jackson St
Smith St & Charles St
Wilson St & Wellons St
Market St & North St
Market St & Chestnut St
Market St & Clay St
Pine St & W Finney Ave
Church St & Mahan St
Pinner St & Pearl St
Bank St & Holladay St
Central Ave & Hill St
McKinely Ave & Harrison St
714 Pitchkettle Rd
Elephant’s Fork Elementary 8:50
Route 5
Hawk Ln & Beaver Ln 7:45
145 Kings Hwy
1488 Bridge Point Trl
1436 Bridge Rd
Godwin Blvd & Birch Ln
5801 Godwin Blvd
5747 Godwin Blvd
1020 Meadows Reach Cir
Barka Dr & Meadows Reach Cir
Lakes Edge Rd & Chapel Hill Ct
Highfield Rd & Windsor Ct
Snead Dr & Brookline Dr
Snead Dr & Player Ct
Jonathan’s Way & Cortland Ct
Jonathan’s Way & Dutchland Trl
Fallawater Way & Festival Ct
Fallawater Way & McIntosh Ct
248 Burnetts Way
Poplar Grove Cres & Abingdon Cir
Elmington Way & Toddsburry Ct
Kristen Ln & Toddsburry Ct
Kristen Ln & White Hall Arch
Elephant’s Fork Elementary 8:50
Route 6
3801 Deer Path Rd 7:45
2964 Deer Path Rd
4488 Old Mill Rd
1765 King’s Fork Rd
4220 Pruden Blvd
5008 Pruden Blvd
4520 Exeter Dr
3808 Mockingbird Ln
3963 Mockingbird Ln
Indian Point Rd @ Stables
2019 Indian Point Rd
Appaloosa Ct & Quarter Horse Ln
Wexford Dr E & Wexford Dr W (both intersections)
1000 Litton Ln
Gauntlet Way & Jester Cir
Stonehenge Dr & Jester Cir
Nottingham Blvd & Archers Dr
Lancelot Dr & Archers Dr
Tournament Ct & Archers Dr
Berkshire Blvd & Keaton Way
Ashford Dr & Brackley Ct
Riverwood Trc & Waterbury Cove
Elephant’s Fork Elementary 8:50
Route 7
E Washington St & Bell St 7:50
E Washington St & Bailey Cir
E Washington St & Marshall Ave
Bunch Ave & Randolph St
2210 E Washington St
Hollywood Ave & Myrick Ave
Hollywood Ave & Vermont Ave
Hollywood Ave & Kentucky Ave
Hollywood Ave & Florida Ave
Myrick Ave & Fuller St
Myrick Ave & Woodruff St
Myrick Ave & Briggs St
Myrick Ave & Goodman St
Bank St Ext & N 7th St
N 4th St & Bank St Ext
N Capital St & Bank St Ext
Railroad Ave & N Division St
Halifax St & Bank St Ext
Oak St & Bank St Ext
E Washington St & S Lloyd St
E Washington St & S 4th St
Boys & Girls Club JFK
2525 E Washington St
Haskins Dr @ Entrance To Loop
126 Suburban Dr
940 Portsmouth Blvd
Triple T Sports Center
Katherine St & Highland Ave
Kingsboro St & Highland Ave
Elephant’s Fork Elementary 8:50
Route 8
2451 Copeland Rd 7:45
2056 Meadow Country Rd
1872 Airport Rd
1860 Hosier Rd
Hosier Rd & Osceola Ave
Factory St & Kissimmee Ave
Factory St & Wekiva Ave
Factory St & Lucerne Ave
Adams St & Maple St
Walnut St & Jefferson St
River Birch Dr & White Oak Dr
Blythewood Ln & Bond Ln
Sierra Dr & Bond Ln
Sierra Dr & Goodlin Dr
Blythewood Ln & Nixon Dr
Chisholm Ln & Landing Ct
Blythewood Ln & David Ln
Lake Kennedy Dr & Kinsey Ln
Truman Rd & Reed Ct
Custis Rd & Roosevelt Dr
Custis Rd & Wilkie Ct
Custis Rd & Word Terr
Freeney Ave & S 9th St
Freeney Ave & S 11th St
E Washington St & S 11th St
Freeney Ave & Meghan Ln
Woods Pkwy & Scyamore Cir
Woods Pkwy & Ashwood Dr
Ashwood Dr & Pin Oak Dr
Redgate Dr & Stonecreek Dr
Stonecreek Dr & Rockcreek Dr
Williams Rd & Peachtree Dr
Mill Wood Way & Olde Mill Creek Dr
1265 Wilroy Rd
Elephant’s Fork Elementary 8:50
Route 9
3583 Nansemond Pkwy 7:40
4244 Driver Ln
2913 Ames Cove
Holly Rd & N Nansemond Dr
Kendall Way & Brighten Mews
4933 Sleepy Hole Rd
4613 Sleepy Hole Rd
Nansemond Point Dr & Salt Marsh Ct
104 Pelican Reach
Sleepy Hole Rd & River Breeze Rd
Mintonville Point & Oyster Creek Dr
Sandy Lake Dr & Walker Ct
Woodhaven Dr & Berry Ridge Ln
Shropshire Ln & Kennet Dr
Rochdale Ln & Kennett Dr
Holbrook Arch & Owls Ct
Rockland Terr & Cutspring Trc
Hillside Ave & Equinox Landing
2085 Nansemond Pkwy
Cedar Lake Dr & Fernwood Ct
2029 Nansemond Pkwy
Woodland Trl & Sprucewood Ct
1917 Nansemond Pkwy
1161 Nansemond Pkwy
Mack Benn Elementary Parks & Rec
1015 Nansemond Pkwy
C St & Magnolia St
Waterwheel Ct & Millers Ct
Waterwheel Ct & Millwood Ct
1250 Nansemond Pkwy
Falcon St & Raven St
1852 Nansemond Pkwy
Maple Leaf Cres & Red Oak Ln
Elephant’s Fork Elementary 8:50
Route 10
Mainsail Ln & Porthole Pl 7:45
Mainsail Ln @ Mainsail Ln Loop
Levin Soloman Way & Calvin St
Canaan Cir & Zebulan Ct
Townpoint Rd & Hubbard Ave
Townpoint Rd & Ellington Ave
Townpoint Rd & Cole Ave
3800 Pughsville Rd
Shoulders Hill Rd & Summit Dr
Creekside Elem Parks & Rec
Piedmont Rd & Alder Pl
Silver Charm Cir & Calumet Rd
Kempton Park Rd & Kelso St
Kempton Park Rd & Newbury Ct
Steeplechase Ln & Halter Cove
Steeplechase Ln & Paddock Cir
Hunt Club Chase & Blaze Ct
Huntclub Chase & Corral Cove
Hunt Club Chase & Derby Cove
Rabey Farm Rd & Silver Poplar Ct
3428 Bob White Ln
Quaker Ridge Ct & Peafowl Ct
Nansemond Pkwy & Dayle Acres Ln
Elephant’s Fork Elementary 8:50
Route 11
Prices Fork Rd & Barclay Pl 7:45
Townpoint Rd & Lee Hall Ave
Burbage Lake Cir & Forest Lake Ct
Burbage Lake Cir & Creekside Ct
Burbage Lake Cir & Olde Bullocks Cir
Burbage Lake Cir & Wet Marsh Ct
Wet Marsh Ct & Leefield Ct
Castlewood Cir & Harewood Ln
Burbage Landing Cir & Glasgow St
6849 Repass Beach Rd
Townsend Pl & Braebourne Ct
Northern Shores Parks & Rec
Dover Dr & Aberdeen Pl
Cheshire Dr & Yorkshire Dr
6214 Glenrose Dr
Cambridge Dr & Oakglen Dr
Graystone Trc & Stonegate
Graystone Trc & Blackstone Way
Stoneyridge Ave & Rockwood Pl
Elephant’s Fork Elementary 8:50
Route 12
Old Townpoint Rd & Skeet Rd 7:45
Bradford Dr & Camellia Dr
6000 Old College Dr
Camellia Dr & Brookwood Dr
Camellia Dr & Maplewood Dr
Camellia Dr & Hardy Dr
Brookwood Dr & Maplewood Dr
Brookwood Dr & Hardy Ct
Brookwood Dr & Hardy Dr
Brookwood Dr & Camellia Dr
Brookwood Dr & Brookwood Ct
S Links Cir & Bay Hill Ct
S Links Cir & Skiffs Landing
S Links Cir & Kemper Lakes Ct
Legends Way & Augusta Ct
Townpoint Rd & Belleharbour Cir
4201 Crowdy Blvd (Antioch Day Care)
Plummer Blvd & Crowdy Blvd
Plummer Blvd & Skinner Blvd
Skinner Blvd & Person St
Skinner Blvd & Frank St
Skinner Blvd & Nathaniel St
Elephant’s Fork Elementary 8:50
Route 13
3320 Holland Rd 7:50
3404 Holland Rd
6601 Holland Rd
Cumberland Ln & Peanut Dr
1156 Lummis Rd
1001 Lummis Rd
442 Longstreet Ln
YMCA Kenyon Rd
Beechwood Ave & Gene Ave
Robin Ln & Tracy Dr
125 Robin Ln
143 Robin Ln
English Oak Dr & Darlington Ct
121 Cove Point Dr
Elephant’s Fork Elementary 8:50
Route 14
2375 Cherry Grove Rd 7:40
1872 White Marsh Rd
Baltic St & Walnut Park Rd
Baltic St & Woods Edge Cir
Woods Edge Cir & Resource Dr
1303 White Marsh Rd
Davis Blvd & Cogic Sq
Davis Blvd & Stacy Dr
Elephant’s Fork Elementary 8:50
Route 15
10541 Camp Pond Rd 7:50
10213 Ellis Rd
8321 Pineview Rd
4070 Vicksburg Rd
2446 Holland Corner Rd
Elephant’s Fork Elementary 8:50