Setting Up School Messenger

Set-Up Steps:

Employees will need to know Employee ID numbers and make the authentication call using a phone number already in the finance database directory.

Families will need to know Student ID numbers and make the authentication call using a phone number currently in the student information system.

  • NOTE:  The associated phone number must be first two primary numbers listed in the student information system (eSchool Plus).  Even if a parent/guardian might be listed in eSchool Plus, the phone number might not be automatically associated with School Messenger sign-up.  School administration can manually sign you up if you provide your name, student name, student ID and your phone number as listed in eSchool Plus.


  • If you have difficulties, please send an email to CONTACT US.

Click on the link below, or copy and enter the following URL into your web browser:

  1. As a first-time user, click the Sign Up Now link near the bottom of the page.
  2. You will be taken to the Sign Up page where you will need to enter a valid email address, a password, and your name. You will use your email address and the password you enter here to sign in later.  Click “Sign Up” when you are done.
  3. If you completed the form correctly, you will receive a prompt “User Account for ‘youremail’ created!”  Enter your password and click “Sign In”.
  4. You have now activated your account, and now need to add yourself to your account.  Click the, “Click here to begin” button.  Select the option that says, “I do not have an Activation Code and want to activate by phone,” and click NEXT.
  5. Add your staff ID or your child’s student ID, shown below:
    … Student ID for «First_Name» «Last_Name»: «ID»
    Staff ID for «First_Name» «Last_Name»: «ID»
  6. Simply follow the instructions on the page to call in and activate your account. You will need to be able to call into the system from the phone number associated with your child’s student ID or your staff ID.
  7. When you have finished activating your account, navigate to the Contacts tab and click the edit link to right of your name. There you can simply check which types of messages you would like to receive and at which phone number or email address. Make sure that you click Save when you are done making changes.

If you have other children attending school in this district, you will be able to add them all to the same Contact Manager account.

Note: SchoolMessenger has a strict privacy policy and does not sell or distribute your contact information to any 3rd party.