Testing & Assessment Options

The Board of Education selected the Assessing Comprehension and Communication in English State-to-State for English Language Learners (ACCESS for ELLs) test as the state-approved English language proficiency (ELP) assessment.



All students in tested grade levels and courses are expected to participate in Virginia’s assessment program, unless specifically exempted by state or federal law or by Board of Education regulations. Virginia’s assessment system includes students with disabilities and limited English proficient (LEP) students. Students with disabilities and LEP students may take Standards of Learning tests with or without accommodations



 The Virginia Alternate Assessment Program (VAAP) is designed to evaluate the performance of students with significant cognitive disabilities who are working on academic standards that have been reduced in complexity and depth. This content is derived from the Standards of Learning (SOL) and is referred to as the Aligned Standards of Learning (ASOL).



 The Virginia Grade Level Alternative (VGLA) is available for certain Limited-English Proficiency (LEP) students and students with disabilities in grades 3 through 8 as an alternative assessment for the Standards of Learning (SOL) testing.




VMAST is designed for students with disabilities who are learning grade-level content but cannot fairly be held to the same achievement standards as their nondisabled classmates. Items on the VMAST include supports and simplified items not available to students who take SOL tests in reading and mathematics.




The Virginia Substitute Evaluation Program (VSEP) is an alternative method of assessing students who by the nature of their disability are unable to participate in the Standards of Learning (SOL) assessments even with testing accommodations. The VSEP provides eligible students with the opportunity to earn the requisite verified credits for a standard or advanced studies diploma or to meet the requirements of a modified standard diploma through non-traditional means.