Virtual Programs Available

Suffolk Public Schools provides multiple opportunities for students to participate in virtual/online learning.  Students enrolling in a virtual course must have access to a computer with Internet outside of school hours.  These students must be self-disciplined to complete the assigned modules in a timely manner.  

Virtual options are allowed under the following conditions:

  • Student seeks to enroll in district approved course(s) that are not offered in the division;
  • Student seeks to enroll in district approved course(s) where the face-to-face course(s) does not align with the students schedule;
  • Student  seeks to enroll in dual credit  or advanced placement courses that are district approved and offered in the virtual environment;
  • Student  is  receiving homebound services and virtual course(s) address the student’s needs;
  • Student is participating in credit recovery (repeat courses for credit); and/or
  • Student needs additional support and online modules are assigned by instructors.

 Junior and senior level English and history courses may be taught in a blended environment, with students reporting to class at least once per week.  Other summer school classes may be taught through an online medium if enrollment is too small to offer a face-to-face course.  The summer school course is at cost to student/parent.

Granting Credit:

  • Courses taken for the first time must reflect 140 hours of instruction/online and an average grade of 60 or above must be earned to receive course credit.
  • Course taken for recovery must reflect at least 70 hours of instruction/online and an average grade of 60 or above must be earned to receive course credit.

Courses Available:

  • English, mathematics, science, and history online courses are available for credit recovery through the virtual environment.  
  • Dual enrollment/credit courses may be taught through a virtual environment as deemed appropriate.  
  • Virginia Department of Education Online Courses Virtual AP Offerings (Full Year)

AP Art History
AP Biology
Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC 
AP Chemistry
AP European History
AP French Language
AP Government and Politics: Comparative
AP Government and Politics: U.S.
AP English Literature and  Composition
AP English Language and Composition
AP Environmental Science
AP Latin: Vergil
AP Spanish Language
AP Statistics
AP U.S. History
Pre-Calculus/Mathematical Analysis


Multiple Online Providers (MOP)

  • Suffolk Public Schools will accept course credit form state approved online providers  for a course  equivalent to the district course; and
  • Courses taken by the MOP will be at the cost of the student/parent (guardian).

Link here for a PDF version of this information.