• Students that are not everyday bus riders are asked to register for everyday pick-up tags/placards. 
    • Families will only receive TWO parent placards and ONE student book bag tag with matching identification numbers for each family to ensure student safety.
    • Parents must have the car rider tag visible daily for student pick up (front mirror of the vehicle).
    • Please ensure the corresponding smaller car rider tag number is on the student’s backpack.
    • Only individuals on the car rider registration form will be allowed to pick up the student.
    • Students will not be allowed to switch back and forth between the bus and car rider programs.

    • New Bus Tagging Procedures:
      • There will be a universal tagging system for Pre-K and K students riding the school bus. This will allow for easy identification of these students. That way when a substitute drives the bus they know to deliver these students to an adult at the bus stop. These tags will be used all year long and provided to each elementary school. 

    Parents with questions regarding drop-off or pick-up procedures can contact their child’s school or Suffolk Public Schools Transportation Department.