Reports & Data

There are many ways to measure success. In Suffolk Public Schools, we measure success one child at a time. Our goal is to ensure that every graduate of our schools has discovered his or her strengths and passions; is prepared for college, the workforce or military; and has a plan to launch the next chapter of his or her life.

In addition to our individual student benchmarks, the Virginia Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Education, and private organizations such as the College Board, have developed accountability measures to determine the success of each school and school division against standardized benchmarks. List below are links to a variety of internal and external accountability measures in place to ensure we are preparing all learners to succeed.

Division-Wide Comprehensive Plan

Suffolk Public Schools follows a six-year comprehensive plan to ensure steps are being taken each year to accomplish the annual goals set by the Suffolk School Board.  The current plan for 2012-13 through 2017-18 can be found below.

Enrollment & Demographics

Learn more about the students who make up Suffolk Public Schools.

Student Enrollment by School and Grade – update Nov 2016

Free & Reduced Lunch Data by School

Demographic Data by School – update Nov 2016

Attendance Rates by School – update Sept 2016

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Accreditation & Federal Reports

View the Accreditation and Federal Reports, as published by the Virginia Department of Education.

Helpful resources:

  • View the 2015-16 Accountability Guide for a better understanding of Virginia’s system for holding schools accountable for raising student achievement and to learn about the federal system of Annual Measurable Objectives
  • Get a better grasp of the Accountability Terminology used within these reports

School Report Cards

The Virginia Department of Education issues annual report cards for schools, providing information about student achievement, accountability ratings, attendance, program completion, school safety, teacher quality, and other topics.

View the Suffolk Public Schools division-wide report card or the Report Card for any of our 19 schools.

Graduation, Completion & Dropout Data

View annual Graduation, Completion and Dropout Data  for Virginia school divisions. –

On-Time Graduation Rates by School – updated Sept 2016

Diploma & Certificate Types by School - updated Sept 2016

Students’ Continuing Education Plans by School - updated Sept 2016

School Climate Reports

 View School Climate Reports, including:

  • Discipline, Crime & Violence
  • Safe Schools Information Resource
  • Student Truancy


SAT Scores

Learn more about Suffolk students performance on this college admissions test, administered by the College Board:

Division-wide SAT Report — updated Sept 2016