Website: https://bit.ly/3LAHKZm

Category: Graduating Seniors

Status: Active

Summary: The Suffolk Christian Church offers the Z. Turner Family Memorial Scholarship. The Scholarship Committee of the church shall choose the recipient of this scholarship from among those who apply, with the following stipulations: a. Residence: The recipient of this scholarship must be from the Suffolk or Isle of Wight area. Preference will be given to a member of Suffolk Christian Church. Should no application be submitted from Suffolk Christian Church, applications will be accepted from students who belong to a Christian Church in the City of Suffolk or Isle of Wight area. b. Scholastic Achievement: Eligible recipients shall have maintained a good scholastic standing during their academic career. c. Need: The financial circumstances of the applicant and family may be considered a factor in awarding this scholarship. d. Character: The recipient of this scholarship should be strong in traits which exemplify high moral character. Such traits may include courage, honesty, reliability, truthfulness, perseverance, self-respect, self-control, and a pleasing personality. e. Selection of College: The recipient of this scholarship may attend any college or university in a full-time status. “Full time” status will be determined by the college itself. f. Multi-Year Awards: While the scholarship shall be awarded on a one year basis, the recipient is not prohibited from re-applying for the award in subsequent years.