Policy Review Committee

Policy Review Committee:

Members - Dr. Judith Brooks-Buck, Phyllis Byrum, Dr. Dawn Marie Brittingham
Alternate - Heather Howell

Next Scheduled Meeting

December 14th at 11 AM
Curtis R. Milteer Senior Recreation Center
132 Robertson Street, Suffolk, VA  23438

December 14, 2022 - Meeting Agenda

*This meeting is open to the public. Commenting is not permitted during this meeting.

The following policies will be reviewed at this meeting:

Section 7-2.2 Work schedules
Section 7-7.1. Solicitation outside of workplace permitted
Section 7-8.1. Personnel files required
Section 7-20.2. Certification requirement
Section 7-23.1.1. Notice of reduction in force
Section 7-26.3 Professional Staff Development
Section 7-27.2 Primary Purpose of Eval
Section 7-31.5. Suspension of Teachers
Section 7-32.1. Outside employment permission required
Section 8-11.7. Annual Review Required
Section 8-13.1. IEP Program
Section 8-14.1. Gifted programs
Section 8-14.2 Advanced Placement Classes and Special Programs
Section 8-18.1. Alternative programs
Section 8-26.1. Purpose of Field trips
Section 8-41.1. Statement of policy
Section 9-1.1. Equal Educational Opportunities
Section 9-1.3. Filing a Complaint
Section 9-1.4. Compliance Officer
Section 9-1.5. Informal Procedure
Section 9-11.2. Parental responsibilities
Section 9-11.4. Authority of Teachers
Section 9-11.7. Pledge of Allegiance Required
Section 9-13.1. Gang activity or association prohibited
Section 9-14.2. Possession of a controlled substance
Section 9-20.15. Student-Athletic Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Section 9-21.1. Students fundraising
Section 10-3.1. Use of news media
Section 10-4.1. Advisors and resources
Section 10-5.1. Public Appearances before the School Board
Section 10-16.1. Parental involvement encouraged
Revised Chapter 9 - Article 16 - Sexual Harassment and Grievances Title IX
Chapter 10, Section 19 Sex Offenders