Community Service

Community Service

The community service requirement is designed to promote civic responsibility through active participation in service experiences, to enhance the student' ability and desire to impact the community, to foster a sense of caring for others, and to develop a habit of volunteer service to those in need as a part of the College and Career Readiness initiative. Students must earn 50 hours of community service before graduation.

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Community Services Examples & Non-Examples



Putting together and/or delivering gift baskets to the homeless

Bringing in a can food item

Volunteering with an organization related to a course you are taking

Internship hours required for class

Community service field trips (Usually sponsored by a club)

Going on a field trip

Hosting an event in which all proceeds are given to a charity

Hosting an event in which some proceeds go towards supporting the host organization

Community service projects (Proceeds given to support less fortunate)

Hosting an event targeted at fundraising for a school organization

School Service Projects (Pre-approved by the Principal)

Assisting a school based club/organization with fundraising