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 RFQ 1796-Q Storage Sheds High School Storage Sheds 11/22/2022 [email protected]  RFQ 1796-Q Award.pdf
 RFP Athletic Trainers Athletic Trainer RFP 11/15/2022 [email protected] Award document
RFP Stop Loss Stop Loss Services  11/15/2022 [email protected] Intent to award
 IFB Stormwater Pond Management Stormwater Pond Management 07/26/2022 [email protected]  Award and tabulation
 RFQ 1794-Q and eVA 482-1  Copier for Mainitenance and Print Shop  10/20/2022 [email protected] Quote Tabulation
 Architectural and Engineering Services for New Middle School A/E Services for New Middle School 08/2/2022 [email protected] Intent to Award
 On-Demand Electrical Services On-Demand Electrical Services 01/25/2022  [email protected]  Intent to Award
Quarterly PM and Service for Automated Fuel System and Pumps Quarterly PM and Service for Automated Fuel System and Pumps 03/08/2022 [email protected]t Intent to Award
Website design, hosting and support/mass communication solutions  Website design, hosting and support/mass communication solutions 03/22/2022 [email protected] Intent to Award
Provide English Language Arts Textbooks/Programs Provide English Language Arts Textbooks and Programs  02/24/2022  [email protected] Intent to Award
 Sewage and Grease Trap Pumping Sewage and Grease Trap Pumping Services 07/06/2022  [email protected] Intent to Award
IFB 1782 Nansemond River High School Turf Field 06/22/2022 [email protected] Intent to Award
 Painting Services IFB  Painting Services for SPS  01/25/2022  [email protected] Intent to Award-Dream'n Gator.pdf
Intent to Award Taylor Ent.

 IFB 1780 Lakeland High School Phase 2 05/04/2022 [email protected] Intent to Award
RFP Telemental Health Telemental Health RFP  09/14/2022 [email protected] Intent to Award
RFP Vending Contract Vending Machine RFP 06/30/2022 [email protected] Intent to Award
 IFB 1781-B eVA 6922  Chromebook Cases 03/22/2022 [email protected] Intent to Award
IFB Sewer  Storm Sewer IFB 03/08/2022 [email protected] Intent to Award
 IFB 1779 Reroof Three Schools 03/02/2022 [email protected] Intent to Award
 IFB 1778 LHS Turf Football Field 01/14/2022 [email protected] Intent to Award
 RFP 1775-P Technology Ticketing & Asset Management System 11/23/2021 [email protected]  Award
 RFP Term A/E Term Architectural and Engineering  06/18/2021 [email protected] Awards
RFQ Paper
Paper Addendum
Paper RFQ 10/12/2021 [email protected] Quote tabulation
 Flagpole bid Flagpole and Installation   10/05/2021 [email protected] Award letter sole respondent
 Fire Suppression RFP Fire Suppression Systems Inspections, Testing and Maintenance 06/04/2021 [email protected] Award letter
(Second award possible)
 Online Instructional Programs  Online Instructional Programs

02/08/2021  [email protected] Award letters
Edmentum award
Additional awards coming soon
 6-8 Science and AP Adoption RFP 6-8 Science and AP Adoption  03/15/2021  [email protected] Award letters
 Security Camera System and Related Security Camera System and Related Hardware 02/09/2021 [email protected] Award letter
 SECEP Renovation Bid SECEP Renovation at JFK Middle School  05/17/2021  [email protected]t Award letter
Parking Lots and Track Repairs  Parking Lots and Track Repairs 06/14/2021 [email protected] Award letter
 Paint booth bid  Downdraft Paint Booth  06/08/2021 [email protected] Award letter
Playground mulch bid  Engineered Wood Fiber Safety Surfacing 04/27/2021 [email protected] Award letter
 Platform for Therapies Platform for Therapies 01/19/2021 [email protected] Award letter
 RFP 1750-P Library Books, Print and/or Digital 02/25/2021 [email protected] Award letters (2)
 IFB Towing Towing Services 05/25/2021 [email protected] Award and bid tab
 RFQ 1763-Q
 Replacement Handwriting Workbooks 05/18/2021 [email protected]  No Award
Safety Surfacing bid Provide safety surfacing 04/24/2021 [email protected] Award bid tabulation
Medical Services RFP Medical Services for Suffolk Public Schools 04/20/2021 [email protected] Award sole respondent
 RFQ Piano tuning RFQ Piano Tuning 04/02/2021 [email protected] Award sole quote
IFB4515 Replacement of Boilers and Installation Services  02/04/2021 [email protected] Award and bid tab
 1751Q Copier Paper for Maintenance Department 03/02/2021 [email protected] Award
RFP89991 On Demand Plumbing 01/19/2021 [email protected] Award
RFP87679  Cisco or equivalent  02/26/21  [email protected]  Award
RFP85817 Provide Section 125, Supplemental Insurances and Related 12/03/20 [email protected] Award
RFP 87505 Workplace Investigative Services    [email protected] 87505 Award
 RFP87203 Graduation Requirements, yearbook, branding and related 07/28/20 [email protected] 87203 Award
 RFQ 1748-Q
Handwriting Workbooks 06/30/20 [email protected] 1748-Q Award
 RFP85627 Third Party Claims Administration, Workers' Compensation Excess Liability Insurance Coverage and Related  05/07/2020  [email protected] RFP85627 Award
1742I E-Flyer Management System 03/20/2020 [email protected] 1742I Award
1739 B Provide Stormwater Pond Management Services 02/25/2020 [email protected] 1739 B Award
 1722P Before and After Care  02/25/2020 [email protected] 1722 Award
 1736 P Provide a Traveling fitness and wellness initiative 03/03/2020 [email protected] 1736 Awards
 85444 RFP Property and Casualty Insurance Coverage and Related Services  04/23/2020 [email protected] 85444 Award
1737P Session Initiated Protocol Trunking and Transport 03/03/2020  [email protected] 1737 Award
 86126 RFP Insurance Consulting and Related Services 06/02/2020 [email protected] 86126 Award
 85538 RFP Auctioneering Services 04/23/2020 [email protected] 85538 Award
 1720P IP Intercom System 12/17/2019 [email protected] 1720P Intercom System Award
 1718 Q Copier Paper 12/03/2019 [email protected] 1718 Q Tabulation
 1705B Annual Hallway Locker Maintenance  02/04/2020 [email protected] 1705 Tabulation/award
 1682 Q Septic System Maintenance and Inspections 05/14/19 [email protected] 1682 Q Award
 1696 B CFCMS/FBES Fueling Stations Intent to Award 09/23/2019 [email protected]  1696 B Intent to award and bid tab
1704Q Van Shelving and Accessories 09/16/2019 [email protected] 1704 Q Award
 IFB 1700-B Additional Frozen & Refrigerated Food, Staples & Dry Goods 08/28/2019 [email protected]  1700-B Award
IRFP1698-I Communications Audit  08/13/2019  [email protected] 1698-I Award
 RFQ 1701 Q Copier Paper for Maintenance/Print Shop 08/27/2019 [email protected] 1701 Q tabulation and award
 RFQ 1694Q  Milk Coolers at Various Schools 07/30/2019 [email protected] 1694 Q bid tabulation
 RFQ 1697-Q Small Wares for Food Services 08/07/2019 l[email protected] 1697-Q Award Spreadsheet
 RFQ 1699-Q Replacement Textbooks 08/14/2019 [email protected] 1699-Q Award Spreadsheet
Award Addendum

 IFB 1695-B Frozen & Refrigerated Food, Staples & Dry Goods 08/06/2019 [email protected]  1695-B Award Letter
1695-B Spreadsheet