Letter from the Superintendent: Dr. John B. Gordon, III
Greetings SPS Family,

As we enter the 2022-2023 school year, I want to share an exciting new community engagement initiative for parents, students, staff, and stakeholders within our school division. The Community Leadership Initiative aims to develop a comprehensive community leadership and partnership program that provides information and support to the Suffolk Public Schools community while expanding business and community opportunities for the division. By providing parental partnership programs, SPS support groups, and community champion sponsors, Suffolk Public Schools is making strides in revitalizing relationships within the City of Suffolk. 

SPS Community Champion Sponsors
Through the 2022-2023 Community Leadership Initiative, Suffolk Public Schools is inviting local businesses and organizations to get involved in supporting public education in our school division by becoming a 2022-2023 Community Champion Sponsor. We are looking to establish innovative, mutually beneficial partnerships and contribute significantly to educating students and preparing them to be successful members of our community.

We will offer a range of benefits that local businesses and organizations will receive based on their sponsorship level. In-kind gifts may also qualify participants as SPS Community Champion Sponsors. Levels of sponsorship will range from Gold ($20,000), Silver ($10,000), Bronze ($5,000) and Blue ($3,000). Sponsor package perks include signage, program advertising, game sponsorship, website mentions, and more! In addition, Suffolk Public Schools will provide a catalog of services to faculty and staff members with a list of specific community partners and financial supporters to promote patronage of local businesses. A catalog of services will also be available for student internships.

SPS-Stars Mentoring/Tutoring Program
Through SPS-Stars, our school division aims to impact students socially, emotionally, and academically by providing a wider window to the world that helps them gain perspective, access to opportunities, and new learning beyond their immediate neighborhoods. We are asking leaders in our community to participate in helping to improve the productivity and well-being of our students by providing community outreach, mentorship, and tutoring locations. For example, tutors may provide homework guidance, or focus on core subject areas such as Math, English, Science or History. Tutoring may also include enrichment with a specific remedial focus. Mentors may support our students by providing advice, advocating for them, reinforcing policies or being a constructive role model. Having a positive mentor can help a student navigate through a new experience, boost their confidence and potentially open them up to new opportunities. SPS-Stars is a quality program dedicated to helping strengthen the life of a child at home, in school and in the community. Suffolk Public Schools is committed to the safety and well-being of our students, and will enforce mandatory requirements for participation as a tutor or mentor through the SPS-Stars program.

CTE Advisory Council
The Career and Technical Education Advisory Council for Suffolk Public Schools is designed to connect businesses with education in a proactive way while matching industry standards with classroom instruction and outcomes. The Advisory Council serves the school system in an advisory capacity by providing first-hand information concerning current business trends, technological demands, and realistic job requirements. Thus, the career and technical education students receive instruction and guidance on input from persons with practical, everyday occupational knowledge of technical and interpersonal skills necessary for success in their future careers. Through the Community Leadership Initiative, Suffolk Public Schools will seek community tie-ins for existing events.

SPS Support Groups
The Special Education Parent Support Group is designed for parents of students with disabilities to learn from each other regarding the support that Suffolk Public Schools has put into place for their students. Parental discussions center around the individualized education process, participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities, and instructional support for student achievement.

Proactive Parents
Suffolk Public Schools is creating resources to inform and help parents understand how to support their child at each transitional grade level (Home to Pre-K/K, 2nd Grade to 3rd Grade, 5th Grade to 6th Grade, 8th Grade to 9th Grade and 12th Grade to Post-Graduation). We will provide pre-grade transition expectations and preparation, during grade expectations and preparation, significant events during that grade (i.e. SOL testing in 3rd grade and what that means for your student, scholarship interests and applications timeline begins in middle school, middle school structure and schedule transitions), how to monitor student progress, and communicate with teachers, and tools and resources to support them. This is not content specific, but should address general support needs. Year “13”, a support group for parents of senior students, will focus on college and career readiness. Students will be provided with a catalog of services, which will highlight student internship opportunities. We will also provide academic tips and strategies on behavioral interventions to address the most prevalent student behaviors.

Parental Partnership Programs
Elementary, Middle, and High School parents will have the opportunity to participate in parental partnership programs such as a school’s PTA or Booster Clubs, as well as continue to volunteer within specific areas in our division. The countless tasks performed by volunteers are vital to the continued operation and success of our schools. We will also allow parents to seek employment by joining Team Suffolk in various capacities and roles. 

Community partnership and collaboration are essential to our development as we continue to execute our vision of building the best SPS. Our students, parents, faculty, staff, and stakeholders are influential in the success of our school division. We hope to lay the foundation for strengthening bonds throughout the City of Suffolk and raising awareness of our brilliant, gifted, and talented students in Suffolk Public Schools. As always, we thank you for supporting our schools and look forward to working together to build a better future for our students.


Superintendents Signature
Dr. John B. Gordon, III Division Superintendent