School Administrative Staff


Dr. John B. Gordon III

Superintendent of Schools
Suzanne M. Rice, Ed.D. Chief of Administrative Services 

Okema S. Branch, Ed.D. Chief Academic Officer

Wendy K. Forsman

Chief Financial Officer
Anthonette J. Ward
Community Engagement Officer
Wendell M. Waller School Board Attorney

Maria Lawson-Davenport, Ed.D. Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Pamela L. Connor, Ed.S. Director of Elementary Leadership

Ronald Leigh, Ed.D.  Director of Secondary Leadership

Rodney J. Brown, Ed.D. Director of Human Resources

Stephanie Whitley Director of Special Education

John W. Littlefield Director of Technology

F. Terry Napier Director of Facilities & Planning

Beverly Young Director of Transportation

Andre Skinner  Coordinator of Career & Tech Education & Adult Education

Kimberly L. McGrath
Coordinator of Compensatory Programs

Dianne D. Whiting Coordinator of Human Resources

Randolph Boone  Coordinator of Student Services

David LeFevre Coordinator of Student Services

Steven D. Edwards  Coordinator of Research & Testing

Sara Williford Supervisor of Health Services

Julie H. Masters  Supervisor of Special Education

Kelly MacPherson Supervisor of Special Education

Jamillah Silver Supervisor of Special Education

Shawn Dickerson Supervisor of Data & Research

Lakeesha McCoy Supervisor of English

Katrina S. Cary Supervisor of History / Social Studies

Kelly Greening Supervisor of Math

Katelyn Leitner-Black Supervisor of Science

Chelsea Kulp, Ed.D Supervisor of Professional Learning

Anthony Hinds Purchasing Manager