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Camp Community College1800/01/01VariesEnroll or be enrolled in FastForward short- term credentials, a certificate, a career stud- ies certificate, or an associate degree in one of the high-demand fields listed beliwView Summary
NC Scholarships2021/03/31$2,0000 (12)High School SeniorView Summary Scholarship for African Americans2021/04/01$500African AmericansView Summary
Cooper Hurley Scholarship Program2021/07/15$2,000 (3)Graduating SeniorsView Summary
Richmond Injury Attorneys Scholarship2021/08/01$1,000.00High School Senior or currently enrolled in a UniversityView Summary
Perlego Scholarship2021/08/20$20,000Graduating Seniors entering Technology, Computer Science or Engineering fieldView Summary
United Way Stem Scholarship Program2021/11/30$10,000African American SeniorsView Summary
African American Leadership STEM Scholarship2021/11/30$10,000African American SeniorsView Summary
WTS HRC Scholarship2022/01/07variesFemaleView Summary
S. Delois Mayes Scholarship Foundation2022/02/01$2,000 (2)Graduating SeniorsView Summary
Stein Family College Scholarship2022/03/01$10,000Jewish StudentsView Summary
The Hampton Roads Community Foundation2022/03/01VariesVariesView Summary
CVBIA Scholarship Foundation2022/03/23$1, 250Graduating SeniorsView Summary
Suffolk Education Foundation2022/04/08$1,000 to $3,000VarietyView Summary
Quantez Russell's Scholarship Fund2022/04/15$500Graduating SeniorsView Summary
Life Change Institute Scholarship Award2022/04/30$1,000 (6)Minority SeniorsView Summary
CodeWizardsHQ Educational Scholarship2022/05/01$2,500High School Seniors and Incoming College FreshmanView Summary

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