Continuity of Learning

Continuity of Learning during Quarantine or Isolation

Quarantining and isolating students due to COVID-19 exposure or illness has proven to be an effective mitigation strategy in preventing the spread of the virus in schools. Suffolk Public Schools aims to ensure the continuity of learning for students during extended absences from school due to quarantine or isolation. We realize that circumstances related to quarantine and isolation will vary considerably from student to student. Therefore, the information below provides a general framework that families can expect should their children need to quarantine or isolate.

Your child's school nurse will communicate with families regarding requirements to quarantine or isolate due to COVID-19 exposure or illness.

Individual Student Quarantine
Students should check their Canvas course(s) for instructional materials when they are out due to quarantine. Students should contact their teachers for assistance and instructional support. Teachers are expected to communicate with students and parents regularly regarding student progress.

Less Than 25% of the Class in Quarantine
Class assignments will be provided to students through Canvas for the duration of the students’ quarantined period. Feedback, virtual meetings, and conferencing will be afforded to students in a timely manner. Teachers will communicate with students and/or parents, during their planning or immediately after school, to provide feedback and any needed instruction and learning support. For accurate record keeping, Digital Communication Logs should be used when communicating with students and parents. These can be found on p. 24 of the Back and Better: 2021-2022 Teacher Handbook. Attendance guidelines must be followed.

25% or More of the Class in Quarantine
The teacher will provide live instruction concurrently using PolyCams, Zoom, BigBlueButton, or Google Meet sessions through the Canvas course. Teachers are not required to station themselves in front of the computer or camera or monitor the live stream during the class period. Still, students may email questions, and teachers will follow up to provide responses and support during their planning or immediately after school. Teachers should ensure cameras are positioned to face the interactive whiteboard or the instructional resource being presented. Elementary and Secondary students participating in live instruction will follow the school's regular schedule. Regular attendance guidelines must be followed.  

Whole Class Quarantines
If an entire class of students is out due to quarantine, the assigned teacher is expected to shift to virtual instruction for the class. The teacher will provide live instruction using Zoom, BigBlueButton, or Google Meet through the Canvas course. The teacher will follow the school's regular daily schedule. Students will participate in teacher-led and independent classroom activities. Students are expected to be logged in during teacher-led instruction. Regular attendance guidelines must be followed.

An Entire class, school, or division closes due to COVID-19
Teachers must communicate the daily instructional schedule, virtual links, and instructional materials to parents via Canvas announcements, school website, School Messenger, and school social media accounts.

To provide additional resources and practice materials to assist students who may be out of school due to COVID 19, parents and students are encouraged to utilize the materials linked below to support student learning.

CLICK HERE to access a spreadsheet with additional instructional resources to be used to support student learning.


CLICK HERE to open the SPS Continuity of Learning Parent Handbook.


NOTE: Contact your student's teachers for individual student questions and teacher office hours. To access materials that require specific log-in information, please contact the classroom teacher or school.