Elementary Instruction

Welcome to the Continuity of Learning site for elementary students.

Why has my child received Scholastic book material for the previous and current grade level, instead of their upcoming grade?
Since many of our elementary students do not have access to devices and/or the internet, SPS has decided that we will not be providing instruction in any new content or skills for elementary students during the school closures.The next level Scholastic books would have provided practice in many of these untaught skills.

Therefore our focus during this time is practice and mastery of previously taught skills and content (the previous and current grade levels). We are trying to mitigate potential learning loss by ensuring students return to school with a solid foundation in previously taught concepts and skills.

As a parent, I want to decide what may be the best fit for my child during this time. Where can I find additional resources?

If you would like to supplement with additional resources, please visit our Continuity of Learning site, where parents have full access to all the digital plans and additional digital platforms that are available.

Most importantly, we are encouraging parents to reach out to their child's teacher for additional support with learning resources that might be the best fit for your child/ren during this time. Teachers are available and willing to help parents navigate at-home learning in a manner that works best for individual students.

New Content and skills are being carefully mapped out and will be spiraled into curriculum maps and pacing guides for the upcoming school year.