Communication Protocol

To Whom Should I Direct my Question, Suggestion or Concern?

The communication protocol helps to promote direct, open, and respectful interactions so that problems and concerns can be resolved quickly and effectively. Communication should begin with the staff member closest to the situation, as that person will usually have the most information. At times, additional personnel are required to resolve specific situations. Appropriate communication channels for a variety of topics are listed below. Suffolk Public Schools encourages any and all questions from parents and residents regarding school matters. 

**Direct messaging on any social media platform including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram is not considered a formal platform for Suffolk Public Schools employees to engage in work/school related communication. Suffolk Public Schools administrative team does not encourage providing a response to community or public  inquiries via “Direct Messaging.”

Athletics and Activities

- Coach: Contact School - Director of Student Activities: Contact School *If not resolved, contact the Coordinator of Athletics & Activities: Richard Fortune, [email protected]

Communication & Community Engagement/FOIA

(Community Engagement)

- Building Secretary: Contact School
- School Principal: Contact School
- Community Engagement Facilitator: Melvin Bradshaw, [email protected]
*If not resolved, contact the Communications & Community Engagement Officer, Anthonette Dickens, [email protected]


- Building Secretary: Contact School
- Principal: Contact School
- Media Technician: TBD
*If not resolved, contact the Communications & Community Engagement Officer, Anthonette Dickens, [email protected]


- The official email for all FOIA inquiries is [email protected].

Curriculum & Instruction



 - Principal

 - Director of Secondary/Elementary Leadership

 *If not resolved, contact the Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Okema Branch, [email protected]

 *Special Education, Elementary Education & Secondary education will follow the steps provided above under Curriculum and Instruction Communication Protocols.


Facilities and Maintenance
- Bills Payable / Invoicing: Gail Wilkins, 
[email protected]

- Custodial Leave/ Substitutes: Nancy Edick, [email protected]
- Custodial Operations: Harold Downes, [email protected]
- Facilities Operations: Vernon Jackson, [email protected]
- Archived Records: Glenda Langston, [email protected]
- All other matters or unresolved matters: Director of Facilities and Maintenance,
- Terry Napier, 
[email protected]


Finance and Purchasing


- Payroll: Tomeka Doleman, [email protected]

 - Health Benefits: Cammie Philips, [email protected]

 -Retirement: Terry Johnson, [email protected]

 - Travel/Accounts Payable: Jennifer Griggs, [email protected]

 *If not resolved, contact Diane Wash, [email protected] and copy Wendy Forsman, Chief Financial Officer, [email protected]


 - General questions: Anthony Hinds, [email protected]

- P-card checkout: Linda Bates, [email protected]

 *If not resolved, contact Wendy Forsman, Chief Financial Officer, [email protected]

Food and Nutrition Services

- Cafeteria Manager: Contact School

 - Supervisor of Food Services: Angela Howell, [email protected]

 - Director of Food Services: Lawrence Whiting, [email protected]

Human Resources
Support Staff: Tammy Motley, [email protected]
Certified Staff: Joyce Black, [email protected]
License Inquires, FMLA, Professional/Instructional Verification: Erma Goodman or Beth Simpkins [email protected] or [email protected]
Substitute and General information: Devries Wicks, [email protected]
*If not resolved, contact Melodie Griffin, [email protected] (Coordinator of Employee Relations ) and copy Dianne Whiting, Coordinator of Human Resources, [email protected] and Jessica Avery (Director) [email protected]


Student Health

- School Nurse: Contact School

 - Principal

 - Supervisor of Student Health: Sarah Willford, [email protected]

 - Supervisor with a CC to Chief; if not resolved

 - Chief 



(Pickup, routes)

- Zone Supervisor with a CC to Director; if not resolved…

 - Director with a CC to Chief of Admin. Services; if not resolved

 - Chief with a CC to Superintendent; if not resolved…

(Behavior on School Buses)

 - Bus Driver; if not resolved…

 - Principal with a CC to Sec./Elem. Lead; if not resolved

 - Secondary/Elementary Lead with a CC to Chief; if not resolved…

 - Chief of Admin. Services with a CC to Superintendent