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The Parent Resource Center funded by Special Education is committed to providing assistance to parents, educators, students, grandparents, relatives and community members. Together, we help our children and youth develop and live full, productive, happy, independent lives to the maximum extent possible.


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View our Special Education Resource Listing to find available resources. 

Upcoming Classes & Resource Events

Parent Video Series to Support the Learning of Children with Significant Cognitive Disabilities at Home from the National Center on Education Outcomes (NCEO)

The National Center on Education Outcomes (NCEO) and the TIEs Center, both funded by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) have jointly published the first four videos in a series for parents of K-12 students with significant cognitive disabilities. The videos, which you will find below, address various aspects of supporting the learning of children with significant cognitive disabilities at home:

Helping Your Child with Routines at Home

Helping Your Child with the Foundations of Communication at Home

Helping Your Child with Communication at Home

Helping Your Child with Academics

Each video focuses on three key questions: Why is it important to focus on this with my child at home? How can I do this at home? What support can I ask for from my child’s school?  These videos will help families learn ways to support the learning of their children with significant cognitive disabilities at home and have conversations with teachers to link home to school supports. Educators and other audiences will also find the videos useful as they work with parents and families.

Early Childhood Academy Presented by the Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC) in Collaboration with the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE)

The Early Childhood Academy is a FREE, self-paced online course for parents of young children (birth through age six) with disabilities or developmental delays. Learn practical information to help your child set the foundation for their lifelong learning!  

The course will be available from May 15, 2021 - June 19, 2021.

Register for the Early Childhood Academy

Helpful Publications

Parent Resource Center Brochure (PDF Print Format)

Parent Resource Center Brochure (Word - ADA Accessible Format)

Parent's Guide to Special Education (PDF)

Guía_de_Educación_Especial_para_Padres (PDF)

Your Family's Special Education Rights (PDF)— Virginia Procedural Safeguards Notice

Los derechos de la familia con respecto a educación especial (PDF)

Regulations Governing Special Education Programs for Children with Disabilities in VA (PDF)

Reglamento que rige los programas de educación especial (PDF)


March 2021 Special Education Parent Resource Center Newsletter