COVID-19 Vaccine for Athletics & Activities

COVID-19 Vaccine for Athletics & Activities
Posted on 09/14/2021
On Thursday, September 9, 2021 the Suffolk School Board voted 6 to 1 to approve the requirement of all students participating in high school and middle school athletics to be FULLY vaccinated against COVID-19 by November 12 or submit a weekly negative COVID-19 test. 

This is an additional safety measure to support our prevention strategies. An increase in positive COVID-19 cases in sports programs results in large numbers of students being paused from athletic participation, which has an impact on the season and more importantly, classroom instruction.

If a child is in middle or high school, is age 12 or older, and is currently participating in sports or extracurricular activities and is not fully vaccinated, they will be required to submit a negative PCR test once a week (every Monday) to the nurse at their school to remain eligible for participation. If a child is already fully vaccinated, they will need to be prepared to show proof of vaccination their school nurse.

If a child is not fully vaccinated by November 12, and does not complete weekly testing, they will not be able to participate in any athletics or extracurricular activities, including try-outs.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Suffolk Public Schools providing weekly testing?
Currently, Suffolk Public Schools is NOT providing weekly testing.

What type of weekly tests are accepted?
Rapid or PCR tests are accepted. At-home over the counter testing is not acceptable.

If my child is not fully vaccinated by Nov. 12, when do I need to provide proof of a negative PCR test?
Monday, November 15

Will my child need to test weekly if they are already fully vaccinated?
No, those who are already vaccinated will only need to provide documentation of vaccination to their school nurse. They will not need to test weekly.

If a negative result has to be submitted every Monday, does that mean that the result has to come in on Monday? Or is it ok to get results the prior week?
We understand that it may take a few days before you receive the results of your test. Therefore, it is okay if you get the results the prior week or a few days before and submit them on Monday.

My child is 11 years old, and is not yet eligible to be vaccinated. Can they still participate in extracurricular activates?
If the club/organization starts BEFORE Nov. 15, yes your child may participate. If the club/organization starts AFTER Nov. 15, your child cannot participate until the vaccination is available for their age group.

What if I have a medical/religious exemption from receiving the vaccine?
If you are exempt from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, you will need to provide a negative COVID-19 test weekly to participate.

Vaccine/Testing Resources:

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