Pause Before You Post!

Pause Before You Post!
Posted on 10/25/2021
Many students are actively involved in creating content for social media by posting blogs, pictures, comments, etc. This content is often creative, engaging, educational, and socially and culturally appropriate. However, sometimes the postings are mean, hurtful, or otherwise very much inappropriate. Posts that may seem innocent, harmless, or funny to you can be mean and cruel to someone else.

Have you ever seen a meme and posted it because you thought it was funny, without thinking of the consequences of recognizing how it may offend someone else? Have you ever let your emotions get in front of rational thinking and posted a rant, only to later regret what you posted? Remember, if you're angry or upset, PAUSE BEFORE YOU POST, because once you post it, there is no taking it back.

Parents need to be actively involved in the online lives of their children to address inappropriate behaviors. If you see that your child has posted mean or hurtful comments, photos or videos, please ask them to delete it. If your child is sharing content, let them know that although they may not be the one who posted it, sharing it is still participating in the hurtful behavior.

Taking just a few extra minutes to make sure your post won't hurt you or someone else is worth the pause!

"Pause Before You Post" is a social media awareness campaign spearheaded by our Community Engagement Department as a response to inappropriate or offensive posts online. The idea is to make students, parents, and the entire Suffolk community aware of the effects posting, commenting, or sharing such material can have on others and the potential consequences for engaging in such behavior.

The campaign kicked off on Friday, October 22 and will run through November 30. It will consist of a series of social media blasts from the district's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms, along with language on the SPS website. Webmasters at the building level have been instructed to include language on their school websites and social media pages to ensure consistent messaging throughout the division. There will also be signage with reminders placed throughout all 21 schools, which will remain through the 2021-22 school year.

This campaign will accompany the current prevention methods that SPS has in place including positive behavior intervention strategies, restorative practices and social and emotional learning. CLICK HERE for more information about bullying prevention in SPS. 

For questions, please contact the School Administrative Offices at 757-925-6750.