SEF Can We Talk? FREE Webinar Series

SEF Can We Talk? FREE Webinar Series for Suffolk Students and Families
Posted on 04/21/2022

The Suffolk Education Foundation is proud to continue its free webinar series “Can We Talk?” The webinar series is designed to invite dialogue with local experts about challenges currently facing our students & their families. The Foundation has two sessions remaining — April 26 and May 24.  

This month's topic is NOW HIRING: Advice for Career Seekers. Whether you're a student or parent of a student seeking to get your first job, get a new job, or open your first business, this seminar is for YOU! SEF is bringing together some of the top minds in hiring and hustle. Come with an open mind and a notepad ready to record helpful ideas that will help you make your best presentation for your next interview and discover ways to create your own opportunity.

Presenters for the April 26th webinar include Crystal Square-Williams, Executive Director of University Events at Norfolk State University, as well as Dan Curan, who operates the Chick-Fil-A store in Harbour View.  

Webinars are free, but you must register using the link below:

Using the link above, you can also register for next month's webinar - Teens in a Cyber World: Keep Them Safe.