SPS Family Life Education

SPS Family Life Education
Posted on 04/28/2022

FAQ's Spring 2022

What will my child be doing if I opt them out? 

Students will be given an alternative assignment and will join a group not attending Family Life Education. This activity may be physical education or general health related.

Are the classes gender separated? 

Yes, grades 4-8 are gender separated. Grades 9-10 are not gender separated.

What will happen if students ask questions that are not within the listed Suffolk Schools Curriculum?  

The student(s) will be informed that their question is not part of the approved curriculum and will be redirected to speak with their parent/guardian to answer their questions.

Why do we have to submit an Opt Out Form to remove our child from Family Life? 

 Virginia is an Opt Out State.  Parents have a right to opt their students out of a portion or all of the Family Life Education instruction. Students that do not return an Opt Out form prior to instruction will receive Family Life Instruction.

If the teacher is the opposite sex will they still instruct or will the instructor match the gender of class being taught?

All teachers are trained in all family life standards and the instructor’s gender does not influence who instructs the class. All teachers are able to teach all students.

Can lessons be recorded?  

Family Life lessons will not be recorded and we ask that parents and students not record screens or use devices that record to protect the privacy and confidentiality of all students and the discussions that take place.


How can I review the material?  

Contact your child’s Physical Education teacher and make an appointment to view the curriculum and materials at the school. Due to copyright restrictions, materials are not able to be posted publicly. 

Are  there materials or information related to Family Life on theSuffolk Schools website?  

Yes, go to www.spsk12.net and click on “Academics” and “Family Life”.

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