School Year Start Date Survey

2023 - 2024 School Year Start Date Survey
Posted on 09/27/2022

In 2019 the General Assembly passed legislation that allows school divisions to start the school year before the September Labor Day holiday. Previously school divisions were required to apply for a waiver from the Virginia Department of Education which is no longer required under this law.

This change, if implemented, would allow for additional instructional days, inclement weather days, and staff training and planning days. Based on other surrounding school divisions making this transition and input received from the division's Calendar Committee, we would like to gauge your opinion regarding this proposed change in SPS.  

Please note, this two-question survey is only being used to collect feedback from our stakeholders about this potential transition, and any decision would not impact the current school year calendar. However, it is important to note that if the division makes this transition, the 2023 summer break would be shorter in order to accommodate for the first year of calendar implementation. Should SPS adopt this change the general 2023-2024 school year timeline would be the following:

Teacher Orientation/Preservice: August 14, 2023
Teachers Return To Their Assigned Buildings: August 17, 2023
Students Return/Classes Start: August 28, 2023
Schools Closed For Students & Staff Per State Regulation: September 1 & 4, 2023
School Year/Classes End:
 Week of June 3, 2024

The deadline to complete this survey is Sunday, October 9, 2022. To access the survey, please use the link below.