Policy Review Committee

Policy Review Committee:

Members: Dr. Judith Brooks-Buck & Phyllis Byrum

Next Scheduled Meeting

Tuesday, October 5, 2021, at 1:00 p.m.
Location: Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts
110 W. Finney Avenue on the Second Floor in the BB&T Gallery
Policy Review Committee Minutes July 6, 2021 - Draft.pdf
October 5, 2021- Meeting Agenda (PDF)

Policy Review Committee Minutes - July 6, 2021 DRAFT (PDF)

*This meeting is open to the public. Commenting is not permitted during this meeting.

The following policies will be reviewed at this meeting:

Section 5-4.2. Maximum Safety and Efficiency Required (Option 1-PDF)
Section 5-4.2. Maximum Safety and Efficiency Required (Option 2 - PDF)
Section 8-31.6. Semester grades for high school (PDF)
Section 9-12.1. Weapons in school prohibited (PDF)
Section 9-12.3. Possession of weapons by school employees prohibited (PDF)
Section 9-14.2. Possession of a controlled substance (PDF)
Section 9-20.10:1. Possible exposure to viral infections (PDF)
Section 9-23.2. Definitions (PDF)
Section 9-23.4. Dissemination of Information about Court Proceedings (PDF)
Section 9-23.4:1. Protective Orders (PDF)
Section 9-23.10. Release of Student Records (PDF)
Section 9-23.11. Record of Requests for Disclosure (PDF)
Section 9-23.12. Correction of Education Records (PDF)
Section 9-23.16. Unauthorized Disclosure of Electronic Records (PDF)
Section 9-27.2. Requirements for Service Animals on School Property (PDF)
Section 10-3.5. Virginia Freedom of Information Act (PDF)
Section 10-18.2. Public Safety and Parent and Student Rights (PDF)
Section 10-18.3. Statement of Purpose (PDF)
Section 10-18.4. Charter School Application (PDF)

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