Strategic Planning Process 2023-2028

Suffolk Public Schools is currently in the planning process for our 2023-2028 Strategic Plan. On July 22, 2021, Dr. Okema Branch, Chief Academic Officer,  outlined our strategic plan process in a presentation to our School Board members at the 2021 School Board Retreat.

As we work to develop the next Suffolk Public Schools Strategic Plan, school board members will drive several foundational components. One of those endeavors is identifying core vocabulary that will shape our approach for the vision, mission, and values. Each board member was asked to submit core vocabulary and/or phrases that represent what our vision/mission and values should embody. The results can be seen below: 


Using these and any other suggested vocabulary, board members were then asked to create 3-5 strategic plan goal statements with focusing on student achievement, climate and culture, family and community engagement, and operational efficiency.

At the Suffolk School Board Strategic Plan Work Session held on Nov. 4, 2021 Board members completed a S.W.O.T analysis to identify their perceptions of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats against our school division. CLICK HERE for a link to the completed S.W.O.T. analysis.  

You can also find a link to the Strategic Plan Work Session: Goals and S.W.O.T. Analysis presentation HERE.

Using this information, along with the input from our community and stakeholders we will create our strategic plan for the 2023-2028 school year.


Strategic Plan Goals Recommendations

Student Achievement

  • Ensure all students demonstrate academic growth to become responsible and productive citizens.

  • Ensure all students achieve at high levels and demonstrate academic growth in knowledge and skills necessary for a productive citizen.

  • Provide high quality educational programs and opportunities to enhance student achievement and growth.

Climate and Culture

  • Ensure all students learn in a nurturing, caring, supportive and safe environment. 

  • Ensure a safe, supportive, nurturing, and authoritative environment in which students learn. 

  • Provide and cultivate a safe, caring, and nurturing environment for student learning. 

Operational Efficiency

  • Maintain efficient, effective and quality management of operations and resources with excellent service as our goal.

  • Ensure the school division operates with financial prudence, inclusive practices, and facility operational efficiency.

Teacher Quality, Hiring, and Retention

  • Attract, develop and retain a highly diversified and qualified staff devoted to teamwork. 

  • Hire, develop, and retain high-quality and diverse staff.

Family and Community Engagement

  • Increase engagement and involvement of our families, stakeholders and partnerships.

  •  Strengthen family and community relations by providing a welcoming and open environment.

CLICK HERE for the School Board's current goals for the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan.