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Federal Impact Aid Survey Form - Due December 11

Federal Impact Aid surveys are extremely important to Suffolk Public Schools because of the funding we receive based on the survey data. Survey forms will be sent home with students on Monday, November 6. All SPS Online students will receive the forms via mail from their home school. Parents are asked to return these forms by Monday, December 11, 2023.

The Federal Impact Aid program was designed to assist local school districts that enroll federally connected students whose parents meet certain criteria: 

  • Serve as active duty military, including foreign military;
  • Work as a civilian on federal property, including ships;
  • Work on low-rent housing property (HUD);
  • Live on federal property (base housing);
  • Live on low-rent housing properties (HUD);
  • Reside on Indian lands

Funds received will become part of SPS' general operating budget and can be used to help provide a quality education for all students. Information collected is confidential and will be used only for the stated purpose of determining the amount of funding available to Suffolk Public Schools. Funds are not always released in the same fiscal year and are not identified by the school's number of students but instead are an aggregate total.  

For more information about the Federal Impact Aid Program, visit the U.S Department of Education website. For additional questions, please contact your child's school.

Frequently Asked Questions:

My Spouse and I are both federally connected. Should we provide information for both of us?
Yes. Please complete the survey providing information for both of you if you work on federally owned property located in Virginia and/or are active duty in the uniformed services.

I don't work for the federal government. Am I still eligible?
You are eligible if you work on federal property located in Virginia, regardless of whether the federal government is your employer.  If you believe you work on federally owned property, but the property is not listed on the survey form, please select 'Other' from the list and provide the location address of where you work.  Your information will be reviewed for eligibility.

While I work on federally owned property in Virginia, I am currently working from home. Would I still be considered federally connected for Impact Aid funding?
Yes.  Persons working on federally-owned property in Virginia may be employed by a private business or contractor or the federal government - even if working remotely.

Will the Impact Aid money that Suffolk Public Schools receives be designated for the school at which federally connected students attend?
No.  Impact Aid funds are part of the general operating budget which supports all Suffolk Public Schools students and schools.