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Chad Oxton, Bringing Construction Math to Life Using the Pythagorean Theorem

Chad Oxton, Operations Manager, City of Suffolk Public Works and Co- Director of Hampton Roads Public Works Academy, met with CCAP’s Public Works Academy Cadets and presented a lesson on Construction Math. During his presentation, he brought math to life as he demonstrated how it’s used in certain construction career fields. Mr. Oxton provided an example of a garage being built using the Pythagorean Theorem (a2 + b2 = c2) to ensure that “all sides of the wall are all even.”

The students asked questions and talked about how seeing math work in this capacity can help students understand the need for it. Mr. Oxton also discussed the Metric System and how it’s used to measure the volume of topsoil when filling holes. The Cadets eagerly participated in the math activities and were really excited to learn about Construction Math. Mr. Oxton truly did an outstanding job bringing math to life!