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CCAP's 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year - Chef Maia Collins

Mrs. Burgess, CCAP's Principal, has shared a RECIPE of what makes Chef Maia Collins the perfect teacher for CCAP’s Culinary Arts program:


  • 1 cup of caring, communication, and computer skills
  • 2 cups of relevance, respect, resilience, and responsibility
  • 3 cups of infectious positivity, innovation, and integrity
  • 4 cups of organization, optimism, and “out of this world” creativity


Blend well and top with sprinkles of enthusiasm and oodles of pride.


  • One (1) incredibly talented and committed teacher and one (1) highly innovative and engaging program.
  • We have witnessed a remarkable transition in the Culinary Arts program and look forward to all that Chef Collins has to offer! 
  • Please join CCAP in congratulating and celebrating Chef Maia Collins, CCAP's 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year!  
Teacher of the Year