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Suffolk Public Schools Summer Explore Program

ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, EXPLORE!!! There is often a world of wonder in our own backyard.  We learn about and experience what surrounding areas have to offer, but did you know that Suffolk is rich in history, art, culture, adventures, and traditions as well? Whether it's the Suffolk Coastline Seaboard Trail, Suffolk Center for the Cultural Arts, Bennetts Creek Park, Riddick’s Folly, the Suffolk Farmer’s Market, or even the Community & Teaching Garden at Chuckatuck, there are a variety of fun and adventurous learning opportunities for our students and families. 


Suffolk Public Schools (SPS) is offering SPS Explore for all SPS students and families to investigate the wonders of our area. SPS Explore Program Dates: July 1, 2024 - August 7, 2024 These activities are grade-level specific, skill-based, family-focused, and student-centered for learning, application, and fun. Participating students will venture out and report on their learning using Canvas and other digital media to earn prizes and recognition throughout the summer.


Suffolk Public Schools and the Suffolk Public Library have partnered together to include SPS Explore as part of its annual summer reading challenge.  Students have the opportunity to participate in SPS Explore while supporting the community’s efforts in meeting its goal of logging 20,000 books read throughout the summer. More information regarding the summer reading challenge can be found by accessing the following link: Suffolk Public Library Summer Reading Challenge. The Summer Reading Challenge dates are June 15, 2024 - August 10, 2024.


Grab your family and further your interest in becoming a mathematician, scientist, historian, artist, wellness champion, and informed citizen by joining the exploration of our great city through the SPS Explore activities!

SPS Explore Site

Summer Reading Challenge Site