Clubs and Activities

  • This year Mack Benn, Jr. is proud to offer the following organizations to provide creative outlets and mentoring possibilities:

    Ladies in Training (LIT) - Female Mentoring Group

    Becoming A Man (B.A.M.) - Male Mentoring Group

    Talented Art
     - Accelerated Art Group

    Talented Music
     - Accelerated Music Group

    Student Council Association
    - Student Leadership Group

    The Movie Club
    - Film & TV Production Group

    Step Club
    - Rhythmic Dancing and Choreography Group

    Gardening Club
    - Hands-On Planting and Harvesting Group

    Book Club
    - Comprehensive Reading and Discussion Group

    NBA Club
    - Basketball With Math Integration Club

    Technology Club
    - Robotics and Engineering Club

    Kindness Club
    - Sharing Support Through Kindness Group

    Board Game Club
    - Playing Games And Learning Strategies Group