Presentation of the Proposed Elementary School Zones for the 2025-2026 School Year

  • ATTENTION! The Suffolk School Board voted on June 13, 2024 (7 to 0) to table the vote on the Elementary Rezoning to the August work session(s)to explore and include other options. 



    The above presentation at the Suffolk City School Board Work Session on March 14, 2024, discusses the rezoning of elementary schools in Suffolk Public Schools to address desegregation efforts and achieve unitary status for the school division.

    Key Insights

    • The presentation highlights the historical context of desegregation efforts in Suffolk Public Schools and emphasizes the commitment to ensuring equitable education for all students.
    • The rezoning proposal aims to address the racial disparity in certain schools by considering natural boundaries, such as railway tracks and neighborhoods, while respecting capacity and transportation considerations.
    • The proposed zones aim to balance the demographic makeup of the schools, with the goal of achieving unitary status and eliminating vestiges of a prior dual system of racial segregation.
    • The rezoning process takes into account factors such as population distribution, capacity, geographic boundaries, transportation, and long-term planning. The comparison of current and proposed zones shows adjustments made to accommodate growth and balance the ethnic makeup of schools, while maintaining capacity and considering transportation logistics.
    • The rezoning proposal also addresses the challenge of accommodating the unpredictable Pre-k student population, using current numbers for planning purposes.
    • The presentation emphasizes the ongoing commitment to desegregation efforts and the ultimate goal of having Suffolk Public Schools achieve unitary status.

Proposed Elementary School Zones for the 2025-2026 School Year

Proposed 25-26 Elementary Neighborhood Zones

  • Southwestern Elementary School

  • Booker T. Washington Elementary School

  • Elephant's Fork Elementary School

  • Hillpoint Elementary School

  • Kilby Shores Elementary School

  • Mack Benn, Jr. Elementary School

  • Nansemond Parkway Elementary School

  • For questions related to the proposed elementary rezoning plan for the 2025-2026 school year, please email