Picture of Kinsey Bynum, Principal
  • Dear Parents, 

    Welcome to Turlington Woods School! We are the alternative education school for Suffolk Public Schools.  It is our belief that a successful school is one that teaches students to be respectful, responsible, and safe.  Our faculty and staff work each day to model appropriate behaviors, coping skills, and social and character skills.  

    At the end of their time with us, we believe that students will successfully be able to demonstrate academic growth by showing improvement in their reading, writing, comprehension, and critical thinking.  We believe that students will show increased initiative in applying themselves to their studies by completing assignments and engaging academically.  Finally, students will demonstrate behavioral growth by following directions, being respectful, and maximizing learning activities.  It is our hope that students will take these behaviors back to their base schools and make good choices.

    We look forward to working with you in a cooperative positive relationship.

    Kinsey Bynum,