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2024-2025 Administrative Changes

Administrative Changes for the 2024-2025 School Year: 

Dr. Shaka Miller, Principal, Hillpoint Elementary School
Dr. Sabrina Lee, Principal, Kilby Shores Elementary School
Johnetta Vaughan, Principal, College & Career Academy at Pruden

Assistant Principals
Megan Eberhardt, Assistant Principal, Oakland Elementary School
Natalie Karakla, Assistant Principal, Southwestern Elementary School
Connie Burgess, Assistant Principal, John Yeates Middle School
Dr. Stephanie Cox, Assistant Principal, Nansemond River High School 

School Administrative Offices
Casaundra McNair, Director of Special Education
Kimberly Warholak, Coordinator of Special Education
Jud Wilson, School Safety Specialist
Dr. Krystal Taylor, Coordinator of Testing & Research
Blythe Johnson-Jones, Coordinator of Special Educarion
Linda Bates, Interiem Coordinator II of Purchasing