• Parents:  Please be reminded that you are required to show your picture ID when picking up your students in the main office.  Also, please be reminded that if you pick up your student at dismissal time, you should be waiting in the satellite parking lot (follow the signs) or the student parking lot.  Students will be exiting the building at DOOR 19.  All students who are dropped off before 8:00am should also be dropped off at Door 19.

    SPS wants to make everyone aware that eligibility for the Fall season for this year will go back to a 2.0 GPA.  For a student athlete to be eligible in the 23-24 school year they must pass at least 5 classes and have a 2.0 GPA .  The eligibility for the fall season will be based on grades from the second semester of the present 22-23 school year.  Feel free to reach out to Coach Jessee, our DSA if you have any questions.