• The College and Career Academy at Pruden offers adult education through the Center for Lifelong Learning. The Center’s adult program promotes the concept of life-long learning and enrolls adult students of all ages.  Adults enroll in classes to begin career exploration, complete a secondary education or acquire skills for a newfound interest. 

      The Center for Lifelong Learning’s career training programs provide new opportunities for students to start careers as healthcare providers, cosmetologists, certified welders, and Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technicians, to name a few.  Adults enroll in a wide range of programs to prepare for industry credentials in careers that provide them with a seamless transition to the workforce.

      The General Educational Development (GED) program prepares students for the official GED test. This program is an essential pathway for many adults to acquire skills and gain knowledge for college, apprenticeships, and job training. Students enroll in classes and learn to master secondary-level skills in the content areas of reading, language, science, social studies, and mathematics.  Classes are offered on-site and at several convenient locations in the city of Suffolk.  Virtual learning is available to GED students through GED Academy, a web-based program that offers GED students the opportunity to study and prepare for the GED test online.

      Special Interest classes are included in the Center for Lifelong Learning’s course offerings.  These classes are geared toward adults who enjoy learning fun and trending topics such as technology, art, language, finance, music, and beyond. Adults enjoy new learning experiences that pique their interests and inspire them to learn new hobbies, discover talents or just have fun.


      The mission of the Center for Lifelong Learning is to ensure adults are offered high-quality educational programs that will provide unlimited opportunities in a growing, changing society. To this end, we commit to student success by providing programs for diverse learners in pursuit of lifelong learning, training, career advancement, and pathways to college.


      It is the vision of the Center for Lifelong Learning to promote excellence through education that is innovative and accessible to adult learners pursuing post-secondary education and training to prepare for the workforce and to excel in a global economy.