About Our School

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  • Commitment.  Community.  Collaboration.
    The vision of Northern Shores Elementary School is to launch a
    lifetime of learners who are capable of competing and thinking critically in a rapidly changing, complex, and technological world.

    Northern Shores Elementary School is a modern, student-oriented, community of learners located in northern Suffolk. The staff at Northern Shores is dedicated to fostering respect for individual differences, communicating high expectations, and helping students develop positive personal qualities while working toward mastery of the Virginia Standards of Learning.

    The mission of Northern Shores Elementary School is to provide all students with challenging opportunities and experiences that will enable them to succeed academically, socially, physically, and emotionally. Students experience real world learning through the use of research-based strategies and differentiated instruction. STEM activities and performance-based assessments play a vital role in challenging students to apply concepts in a practical environment. Students are further encouraged to become responsible 21st century digital citizens through the effective use of interactive technology. Students are motivated toward a love of reading with classroom read alouds and campus wide events such as family reading night.

    We welcome you to our dynamic community of administrators, teachers, staff, and parents as we share the responsibility to build a safe, nurturing, and continuous learning environment that encourages your student to achieve their maximum potential.

    Please click HERE for a welcome letter from Dr. Andrea Tillery Wilkins, our principal at Northern Shores Elementary.