Clubs and Activities

  • Anchored for Life Club
    Anchored for Life

    Northern Shores has the Anchored for Life student transition program which helps students to be happier, resilient, and more confident kids. Change is sometimes challenging, but this program helps kids to have the ability to bounce back from experiences like frequent moving, deployment, navigating a new school, and making friends. Contact Maria Eiring, school counselor and Anchored for Life, contact at (757) 923-4169 or

    Picture of two students planting seeds during Garden Club

    Garden Club

    Garden Club gives students in grades 3-5 the chance to explore nature and exercise their green thumb. Students learn how to cultivate a garden, plant seeds, and explore how we can use plants to feed a community.  

    A photo of clay pictures created by talented art students

    Talented Art

    Talented Art is an elite group of student artists. Students are given a test in 3rd and 4th grade, and based on their score, they may be asked to turn in a portfolio of artwork. Their art is evaluated and their combined scores will determine if they are invited to join Talented Art. The students meet once a week in the art room and get to work on special and more advanced projects. They also go on two field trips a year, one downtown to paint holiday windows and then one to the Suffolk Art Museum.

    Group Picture of Talented Music at a Performance

    Talented Music

    Talented Music is a select group of student musicians. Students are given a test in 3rd and 4th grade. Based on their score, these students will be invited to join. The students participate in a special performance at Kings Fork High School with other Talented Music students from elementary schools across Suffolk. At the end of the year, these students also perform at a special PTA meeting held in May.