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Special Education Parent Involvement Survey 2023 - 2024

We are thrilled to announce the commencement of the School Year 2023-2024 Parent Involvement Survey collection period!

This initiative is a cornerstone in our ongoing efforts to foster an inclusive and collaborative educational environment for our children with special needs.  We are encouraging all families to complete the survey online through the links provided for the English Parent Involvement Survey and the Spanish Parent Involvement Survey.  For families preferring a tangible touch,  printable versions of the survey in both English and Spanish are readily available at each SPS elementary, middle, and high school.   Should you opt for this method, completed surveys are to be mailed back to the VDOE.   If your family has more than one child receiving these services, we kindly ask that you complete a survey for each child to help us capture the full spectrum of your experiences and needs. 

Your engagement is crucial to us.

Together, let's ensure that every parent's voice is heard, every child's need is addressed, and every family's contribution is valued.  Please note, the deadline for submitting your responses is December 13, 2024.