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CCAP's Welding Program Partnered with to Build Recyclable Art Project

CCAP's Welding program applied and was selected to build a project in an attempt to raise environmental awareness. The project is for the Recycling and Beautification Committee, a partnership of the 17 cities and counties in Hampton Roads. is a region-wide public service initiative that educates and motivates citizens to make good environmental choices. Upon selection to build the project, the welding program developed blueprints that would mirror the Virginia LOVE signs.

The plan was to use a decorative skeletal frame made from a round steel bar and reinforced with metal scrollwork to create the letters, L-O-V-E. The letters will be individual and have attachment points, so that letters can be assembled to create the word LOVE, but can also be separated for ease of transportation in a standard pickup to be displayed all around Hampton Roads. The welding program has done an amazing job with this project. We can't wait to see how it looks once it starts getting filled with recyclable items.