• Course Code by Semester: 1st Semester 6302
    Course Code Selections for 2nd Semester: Cybersecurity Software Operations (6304), Cybersecurity Systems Technology (8628), or Game Design and Development (8400)
    Grades: 10 -12 (All Courses Listed Above)
    Prerequisite: None for Cybersecurity Fundamentals
    *Second Semester Programs are based on student interest in one of the programs listed above
    Credits: One-and-a-half (1.5); 1st semester of year-one program
                      One-and-a-half (1.5); 2nd semester, year-one of a year-two program

    Students who want to explore emerging technologies, work with hardware, software and troubleshooting, and learn the important role of maintenance as it relates to technology should consider enrolling in this exciting program.

    Cybersecurity Fundamentals is a prerequisite to our Cybersecurity Software Operations, Cybersecurity Systems Technology and Game Design and Development programs. Students will be introduced to the principles of cybersecurity and examine threats and protective measures in the field of cybersecurity.  This course also focuses on the evolving  technological environment with an emphasis on securing personal, organizational, and national information.

    After completion of this course, students can opt to take any of the courses listed above. Additionally, they will also have the opportunity to take the Information Technology Specialist Certification Exam and receive an industry credential, pending a successful outcome on the exam.

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    IT Specialist Certification