Who can attend The College and Career Academy At Pruden (CCAP)? 
    If you are a junior and/or senior student enrolled in a Suffolk Public High School, you can enroll.  Also, students who are 18 years or older can register for Adult Education classes.  

    How do I enroll my high school student?
    Parents and students should talk to their School Counselors at the high school.

    How is my student transported to CCAP?
    Students board an assigned bus at their homeschool, which transports them to/from CCAP.

    Do students have odd/even days at CCAP?
    Yes, students are here on odd/even days from  9:30 am - 2:50 pm.

    Can I tour the facility?
    Parents/students who are interested in touring the facilities can contact CCAP's Principal or School Counselor to schedule a day and time ​to visit.

    Does CCAP have a dress code?
    Students are required to wear the required uniform for their specific programs, daily.

    If I am enrolled in an adult education evening and weekend course, how would I find out about school closings due to holidays and inclement weather?
    Evening and weekend activities are cancelled by Suffolk Public Schools. Please visit the schools' website and check local news (TV, radio, internet). 

    Will my high school student be able to drive?
    With the exception of high school seniors (with no school record of skipping school or arriving late), all students will be permitted to drive to and/or from CCAP only when a legitimate need is shown.  Permission to drive must be secured and a permanent parking sticker or temporary permit must be displayed PRIOR to driving to CCAP.

    How can my student benefit from dual credit courses?
    Dual-credit courses allow students to meet requirements for high school graduation and to earn college credit through various community college programs dependent upon the program, in which the student is enrolled.  Dual-Credit courses are approved annually by the school board.  Criteria and procedures for enrolling in Dual-Credit courses include:
     -Students must be at least 16 years of age
     -Students must be high school juniors or seniors
     -The cooperating community college must accept the student for admission
     -College and high school credits shall be awarded upon successful completion of the course
     -Students must have a GPA of 2.0 or better. 

    Are there any costs/fees involved in CCAP's programs?
    ​​Costs for uniforms and equipment kits are determined by programs.  Please call CCAP for additional information. (757-923-5254)