• Early dismissal requests should be turned in by the student to the front office by 10:00 am. All requests should have the date, childs name, time requested, parents name and contact phone number. All requests are verified by phone and  the student will not be dismissed without confirmation. 

    After confirmation, a slip is written for the student and placed on the counter in the front office. The student should pick up the slip at their next break and present that to the teacher at the time of dismissal to be released from class. They must then sign themselves out, on the blue sheet, at the front office.

    Upon return, same day or the next, they may bring in an excuse (Dr. Note or parent note) and drop it off in the box at the front office to excuse the absence. (Absences can also be excused online, see attendance under parents on this website for the google form link.)


    Should an emergency arise or if you would prefer to enter the information online, please utilize the following google sheet for early dismissal request:

    Early Release Form

    Please note that this must be followed by a phone call. All secretaries have access to our google form to better help you and your student!