Partners in Education

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    What is the Partner-In-Education Program?

    The Suffolk Public Schools Partners-In-Education program brings together businesses, corporations, churches and nonprofit organizations with our schools to enhance the education of our students.

    The program is designed to establish a voluntary relationship between a business/organization and a school to:

    Improve student achievement through...

      • Volunteer reading program tutors
      • Speakers for assembly programs and career days
      • Initiation of attendance improvement programs
      • Recognition of academic improvement
      • Student and/or staff scholarships for specialized training and/or materials

    Improve the teaching and learning environment...

      • Improvement in the physical environment; i.e. furniture, plants
      • Campus beautification projects; i.e. donate time, labor, materials
      • Promote campus and community safety; i.e. sponsor speakers

    Strengthen parent and community support of the schools and students...

      • Participate on advisory committees
      • Attend concerts, games, and other school programs
      • Assist with fundraising activities
      • Display student art work at a business or organizational sites
      • Participate on judging panels for school contests; i.e. essays, spelling bees

    Improve staff morale...

      • Host staff appreciation luncheons; i.e. beginning of the year, end of the year
      • Offer off-campus locations for meetings or training
      • Provide summer internship opportunities to enhance curriculum expertise

    Improve relations and credibility with community leaders...

        • Public recognition of schools by partners
        • Shared vision of future goals

    Who Can Be a Partner-In-Education?

    Any business or service organization with a desire to make a difference in the lives of students is a potential partner.

    Every partner matters in Suffolk Public Schools. If you have a small business with only a few employees, you can still be an effective partner. We welcome local, reputable businesses and organizations - large and small.

    Businesses could include a variety of industries, such as banking, retail and the medical profession. A bank can operate a student savings account program or provide employees to assist with projects at the school. Medical and dental offices offer volunteers throughout the year for special programs such as career day, but also come to the schools to provide education about fighting germs and cavities. Retail stores can provide volunteers or may donate funds for special events that enhance the curriculum. Service clubs and churches are extremely important in supplying volunteers to help with mentor programs and tutoring. They are also essential to school supply drives and holiday angel drives.

    A meeting between our school partner liaison and your organization gives a chance for a custom-designed program that works best for your employees and the school. A partner may be in the school weekly or a few times a semester. Each partnership is individualized to meet the needs of the school and best utilize what the partner can offer.

    Why Become a Partner-In-Education?

    The benefits of being a Partner-In-Education are numerous for all involved. Below are some examples of how all participants can benefit from having partners in our schools.

    The Organization: The Partners-In-Education program gives visibility and recognition for your valued community service. The Partners-In-Education program gives you input on educating the community's future employees, consumers and civic leaders.

    The Students: The program can increase motivation for good school citizenship, academic achievement and attendance. The program can enrich the curriculum and increase career awareness.

    The Community: The program provides a strengthened public school system, a well-prepared workforce, and an improved tax base.