Kindergarten Registration

  • When will registration be held?

    Online registration will be open beginning on Monday, March 4, 2024, for the 2024-2025 school year. If you are enrolling a child in kindergarten at Suffolk Public Schools for the first time, please complete the Online Kindergarten Registration form below. 

    English 2024-2025 Online Registration Form
    Spanish 2024-2025 Online Registration Form

    If you are trying to enroll a returning student, you should receive an email with a code and information on how to complete the enrollment process.

    Please register your kindergarten student before July 15 to ensure class placement.

    Use SPS School Zone Locator to find out which school your child should attend.  

    Children who are 5 years old before September 30, 2024, can start kindergarten at the start of the 2024-2025 school year.

    How do I register my child?

    1. Complete the online application.

    2. Schedule an appointment with your zoned school to finalize your child's registration. 

    3. When you go to your scheduled appointment, bring the following documentation for your child:

         •  A certified copy of State Birth Certificate

         •  A certificate of a physical examination from a physician or a health department - the physical exam must be completed within the 12 months prior to the date the child first enters kindergarten;

         • An immunization certificate containing complete dates for DTaP, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Polio, Varicella, and MMR immunizations. Minimum immunization requirements can be found on the Virginia Department of Health website.

         • Proof of residency in the city of Suffolk (i.e. water bill, gas bill, or electric bill. Driver’s license not adequate)

    4. Complete and return any additional information requested by the principal.

    Philosophy of Kindergarten
    Suffolk Public Schools believes that what children learn in kindergarten should be appropriate for their developmental needs. We believe that kindergarten students are unique and are developing at their own rate. This belief requires us to understand and accept the physical, social, intellectual, and emotional qualities of 5-year-olds.

    Kindergarten provides opportunities for enrichment and hands-on experiences which assist and guide children in their development. A positive approach is emphasized. Children work and play in an environment where they are comfortable to explore, discover, and engage in trial-and-error learning to achieve success.  

    Children need an orderly environment with caring, competent adults to guide them. They also need the security and continuity provided by open communication between parents and teachers. The program structure for kindergarten in Suffolk Public Schools is outlined on the last page of this publication. 

    What features will be offered?

    All teachers are certified and endorsed by the Virginia Department of Education to teach kindergarten. Health services are provided by the school nurse. Equipment and materials used in the classroom are designed for kindergarten. A special play area for kindergarten children is also provided. Kindergarten students have rest periods and snack time each day. 

    Who can attend Kindergarten? 

    The Virginia School of Law says that children may enter school if they are five (5) years old on or before September 30, 2024.

    Compulsory School Age
    Children who are 5 years old on or before September 30 should be enrolled unless the parents notify the school that they will wait a year.

    Children who are 6 years old by September 30 must be enrolled in school. Children who reach their sixth birthday by September 30, 2024, and who were not enrolled in kindergarten previously may be placed in kindergarten or first grade. 
    -Virginia School of Law (22.1-254 and 22.1-256)

    Immunizations Required by Virginia Law 

    Kindergarten Required Immunization Letter (English)

    Kindergarten Required Immunization Letter (Spanish)

    For minimum immunization requirements for entry into school and daycare, please consult the Virginia Department of Health website. 


    Locally Created Videos:

    Suffolk Public Schools, in cooperation with Suffolk Early Child Development Commission, created this set of videos to help our youngest students be more prepared for the start of their school life.

    Check them out! 

    A Day in Kindergarten: What's It Like? - A video made for Kindergartners to show them what to expect when they get to school. 

    The Year Before Kindergarten: Suggestions for Parents - A video that shares tips and tricks that parents can incorporate into their daily life to help their soon-to-be Kindergarten student be more prepared for school.