• The Information Technology (IT) Department supports computing and data systems, software applications, networks, IP telephone, and video conferencing systems for the entire school division. They include:

    • 8500+ desktop, laptop and tablet computing systems
    • 120+ virtual and physical servers
    • Fiber WAN, wired and wireless LANs in every building
    • Division-wide IP telephone system
    • HD video conferencing systems at every school

    The IT Department manages the systems that provide information for data-driven decision making, regarding student achievement. Our data team prepares state/local reports, develops internal applications and prepares information. We operate a service desk, staffed by veteran Instructional Technology Resource Teachers (ITRTs), who provide end user support for instructional and administrative applications. The network/server support team is responsible for supporting core networking and telephone services, file servers, and many specialized applications. On-site and remote support is handled by our team of skilled hardware/software technicians. The IT staff strives to provide a consistent and reliable experience for all users.

    Suffolk Tech Plan update 3-31-2017 Technology Plan VA DOE Acceptance Letter