School Leadership & Innovation Department Staff:
    Dr. Stenette Byrd III, Chief of Schools
    Dr. Ronald Leigh, Director of Secondary (Middle and High) School Leadership
    Dr. Catherine Pichon, Director of Elementary School Leadership
    Dr. Andre' Skinner, Director of Career and Technical Education
    Mr. John Littlefield, Director of Technology
    Mr. Ronald Cabbler, Coordinator of Activities and Athletics
    The Department of School Leadership & Innovation seeks to ensure that all schools receive timely support to reach full accreditation, promote innovation, develop leaders, and maintain a positive school climate and culture. Members of the department bring to the table a wealth of extensive leadership experiences, unique skills, and demonstrated success. Their diverse backgrounds encompass a range of specialized training, creating a dynamic collective expertise within the team. This wealth of experience not only allows for meaningful and relevant professional learning but also provides a solid foundation for effective coaching initiatives. The department is well-positioned to foster a collaborative and enriching professional environment, where the exchange of knowledge and skills contributes to the ongoing growth and success of its members. 
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