Standing Committees

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    Policy Regarding School Board Standing Committees

    Section 2-2.7. School Board Standing Committees; Foundations. - A. The following Standing Committees are hereby established by the School Board:

    (1) Policy Review Committee

    The Policy Review Committee is responsible for advising the School Board and the Superintendent concerning the need to amend, adopt, repeal, and/or merge by-laws, policies and applicable regulations of the School Board to ensure that they are in accordance with federal and state mandates and informed by the Virginia School Board Association (VSBA). The Policy Review Committee shall meet quarterly and shall make reports to the School Board as deemed necessary.

    (2) Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee works collaboratively with the school superintendent in an advisory capacity by offering input regarding major accounting changes in policy and/or significant fluctuations in revenue and/or expense that could affect operations of the school division, information about the annual resolution concerning authorizing the superintendent to spend down remaining funds in the operations fund and Independent reports and comments. However, this Committee shall not interfere with the superintendent's discharge of all duties and responsibilities incumbent on the superintendent by state law, regulations of the Board of Education and policies of the School Board. The Finance Committee shall meet at least twice a year and shall report the results of its meeting to the full School Board.

    (3) Legislative Committee

    The Legislative Committee is responsible for the development of the School Board's proposed annual legislative package relative to bills and legislation pending before the Virginia General Assembly and for acting as the School Board's liaison to the Virginia General Assembly as well as other publicly elected bodies. The Legislative Committee shall meet at least twice a year and shall report to the School Board regarding legislation pending before the Virginia General Assembly or United States Congress that could impact public education in Suffolk Public Schools.

    B. Members of the School Board are permitted to serve on foundation boards, which include, but are not limited to, Suffolk Education Foundation, WHRO, and ACCESS.  (Adopted: June 8, 1995; Revised November 11, 1999; Revised June 13, 2013; Ordinance Number 12/13-148; Effective Date: July 1, 2013; Revised April 14, 2016; Ordinance Number 15/16-16; Effective Date: July 1, 2016; Effective Date: May 9, 2019, Ordinance Number 18/19-70: Revised May 9, 2019; Ordinance Number 20/21-5, Revised: October 8, 2020)

    Legal Authority - Virginia Code §22.1-275.1 and 22.1-18.1 (1950), as amended.